Saturday, March 28, 2009

Post-Birthday Post

(picture posted for Ben. because he loves it. and i love him.)

So yesterday was a good day. A really good day in fact. Simple, yet great.
It was pretty much a normal day, with some extra flares here and there. We spent the morning at home and I just had fun with the kids and was oh-so-happy. I spent a little more time on the computer in the morning and didn't feel guilty because "it's my birthday." That is such a great phrase. Too bad I can't abuse, I mean use it today.

I gave the kiddos a bath and they had such a fun time, were being so cute, and it was just so fun. We had made this craft for the boys the day before and the boys were just bezerk about them. Then Emmy just giggled and giggled and loved every minute of her bath. So I really don't know why, but it just was fun.
I was also able to vacuum and, truly, that made me oh-so-happy. We hadn't done it since we've moved in and so it was nice to clean up some.

The rest of the morning we read books, played, etc. After I put Emmy down for a nap I had promised the boys a movie. But first they helped me make my fab cake. Then I put in a little movie for them to watch.

Meanwhile. . . Ben had set up a birthday massage for me at Main Street Spa. So our good friend came over to watch the kids and off I went. It was super nice and relaxing and, yes, somewhat painful.

The rest of the day was spent just. . . hanging out.

Then we had yummy paninis for dinner.

Then finally we had the birthday cake - Jonas was asking about eating it all day long. All. Day. Long.
Here I am in all my splendid 30 years of glory. Isn't my cake great?

Isn't this picture great? The great blowing-out-candles shot. We actually had to re-light the candles as Emmy blew them out before any of us had a chance to blink our eyes. After Ben re-lit the candles, Miles put a plate in front of Emmy's face so she couldn't blew them out again. Ha.

Yummy Rice Krispie cake.
That nite we had a sweet young gal come over and read books to the boys and put them to put (we already put Emmy to bed). Ben and I had fun being together. Nothing too much, just going to get some frozen yogurt, then to JC Penney. It was nice. The rest of the late nite was spent putting up my vinyl wall decal. Once again, Ben was willing to spend his nite doing it because "it's my birthday."

So here are some pics of the fun things I got/we made for my birthday:

The daisy room is complete! Yippee. The white framed thing is what we finished up for my birthday. It is a pegboard wall so I can frame and hang our children's art work. LOVE IT. We love this room as it is so bright and sunny.

We made this chalkboard as well. LOVE IT, too.

This is the vinyl decal my mom bought for me - picked out by me. I LOVE IT. It's different and unique, and, yes, some people might think it weird. But I like it. It's in our dining room and the colors are perfect.
So, like I said, my birthday was simply great.


erinmalia said...

yeah! i love everything. the tree looks great. and the peg board will be awesome. can't wait to see what the kids create.

happy 30!

Jenson Family said...

Happy 30th!!! Mine's just around the corner... aargh! Time flies when you're having fun! I love all of the new stuff that you made and bought. The vinyl tree is darling.

Niederfam said...

Happy Birthday a little late. I LVOE that decal, I think it's perfect, and the colors and chalkboard and pegboard are LOVELY, really!!!! LOVE it!!!!

Meg said...

Glad you had a great day and that you were out on a date when I called. Want to come to my house and help me finish my projects? We are up to our elbows in finishing Jack's room and our room. Can't wait til their done.
Happy Birthday old lady, it only gets better from here on out!

~Simply Kate~ said...

HaPpY bIrThDaY!!:D
hope you had an amazing day!
Love ya!

Melissa said...

You look beautiful in that picture!

And I like the tree.

rebecca said...

I can see why Ben loves that pic. You look great! Happy 30th, Emily. It sounds lovely - vacumming AND a massage! What could be better?! He he. Your house is so cute! You have it decorated so nicely already. Enjoy!

Mindy said...

Cute home! I love actually love the tree thing. Where did she get it? I'm not really that creative, so I have to steal other people's cute ideas. :)