Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So our anniversary was Monday.  I feel bad that I did not post some mushy post on how much I love Ben.  But I didn't.  And I won't.  Not because I don't love him A LOT.  But, well, the day is passed and I'm too lazy.  BUT I LOVE YOU BEN.  There that's pretty good - all caps ya know.

But our real celebration was going to Wicked and my parents' home.  That was special.  Our anniversary - the actual day - was pretty much normal.  Except I did decide that we go to Target and spend $7 (it's our 7th anniversary) on each other's gift - aren't I punny?  We also watched half of Robin Hood Prince of /Thieves.  (It's long and so we'll have to finish the rest sometime this week.) I couldn't believe that the movie came out 18 years ago - what?  I remember watching it with my friends and it was not 18 years ago.  

Oh yeah, we also went out for frozen yogurt after Target.  We got swirls - all 5 of us.  Miles, I guess, had never had one as he couldn't believe he had 2 flavors.  Life is so grand and neat and amazing when you're 5.  Jonas ate 2/3 his cone and threw the rest on the grass.  Then he claimed that Emmy's cone was actually his.  Nice try.  Emmy thoroughly LOVED her cone AS EVIDENCED BY (a great term I learned in nursing school) the following pictures (sorry but I just couldn't pick one):


erinmalia said...

emmy looks so much like you in these pictures! i can't get over it.

emily said...

what are you saying - that i eat my ice cream cones in a similar fashion?

i just don't see it though - but fun!