Friday, April 03, 2009

Fun Friday

After last week, which was really a good week and culminated in a very fun Friday Birthday, this week was rather. . . boring. My friend Michelle had on her blog that she was so bored and googled "what to do when you are bored." Ha. It's not that we have nothing to do necessarily, but that what we have to do is. . . boring. Yes, playing pretend can get boring for a 30-year old.

It wasn't a bad week as far as my kids' behavior, but it was just down-right boring. So today, before the snow-storm hits us, we went over to the elementary school and played there for a while. It wasn't boring. It was fun. Finally.

How Fun. A swing set for Three.

Tummy Fun.

100% Fun.

Whee Fun.

Cool Fun.

Running Fun.

And the not-so-Fun part: having to go home. :(

And TWO videos just for the fun of it:

1 comment:

erinmalia said...

love it. emmy seems like such an individual.

maybe you should teach them the twirling their head on the top of a bat and THEN running trick. that produces some pretty awesome results.