Thursday, April 02, 2009

I Love Life

Yes I love You. The Cereal. Life.
Unfortunately, though, you've shrunk. You've lost weight over the years - and that's not a good thing. Furthermore, with your weight-loss, you also increased your Price. How lame are you? But, dang, You taste good. So I still love You. But I don't bring you home much - perhaps a few times a year.
Except when you end up in stores looking like this:
And with a price like this:

So I bought You. And I just had You for lunch. YUM.

(so, please, anyone, if you ever see a parked Life Cereal Truck [no, i've never seen one, either. . .], sneak up on it one night, when it's real dark. wear a mask, it'll be more fun. then hit the truck real hard - a hammer or bat would probably do just fine. then maybe i'll end up with more cereal boxes looking like this one.)


erinmalia said...

i gotta say, $2.50 isn't a bad price, however. it's far more expensive here.

but i agree: it's gotten smaller and pricier. sigh.

and why didn't you take a picture of the box with you on it?

emily said...

but it's such a small box and so i wouldn't pay $2.50. i mean, it's pretty much gone after i had one lunch with it and the kids all had a bowl, plus me, this morning.

i'll buy cheerios for almost 4 dollars, but the box is huge and lasts at least a week. then grape nuts - wow. a 5 dollar box will last like a month. that's why we hardly ever buy sugar cereals.
the cereal people should be ashamed of themselves. :)

and, yes, a picture of my life box would have been fun. but i think i'm too lazy to do it now. :)