Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Really Wish I Were a Grandma, Right Now

because then I could strap up Miles, Jonas, and Emmy (oh especially her) in their carseats and take them home to their mother.


erinmalia said...

i thought weather traveled from west to east, not the other way around?! this was soooo my day yesterday! maybe we should package them and send them to their grandparents. they seem to really enjoy them.

p.s. i am sorry that you are having a rough day. i wish i could take them from you.

rebecca said...

I know that feeling! This is hard some days, isn't it? Good thing they're cute.

Hang in there.

courtney said...

oh, yes. i'm glad you have a good sense of humor about it! today my sweet red-headed boy slapped me across the face. after putting him in his crib for a "break" i went back to my room and laughed (a little). where do they learn these things? really. i want to know.