Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"New" sewing desk

Our friends, the previous owners of our new home, left us a desk.  Ben came up with the idea that it would be the perfect sewing desk for me.  Good idea.  But better idea?  Re-do it.  :)  The top of the desk was in bad condition anyways, so I thought I would finally do what I read about over a year ago on JCarolineCreative.  I had bought some fabric quite awhile ago that we were going to use somewhere else, but the fabric ended up not working.  But I absolutely loved the fabric and was determined to use it somewhere.  That somewhere became my sewing desk.
I loved how the drawers turned out - practically perfect (with awesome help from my awesome husband).  But. . . the top turned out pretty horrible.  So sad.  We just didn't do it quite right. From the pictures you can't tell at all, but it looks pretty bad.  Bubbles and pockets all over.  At least the sewing machine covers up a bunch of it.  And I still like it better than before.  And if I ever decoupage another piece of furniture, I'll have learned from this one.  So here are the "before" and "after" pics.  (The before pics don't show the horrible top - I had placed the fabric over it earlier to cover it up for the time being.)

The best part about this is that my sewing machine can be out.  I've never had that in my 7 years of marriage.  How delightful.  I don't sew much, nor nearly as good as my sis, but at least now I can do it a little more.  In fact, on Easter morning the kids and I spent over 2 hours in the playroom - the kids played and I sewed.  Lovely.


erinmalia said...

what did you sew?!

i think it looks great, but i'll withhold final judgment until july.

emily said...

the boys' tie. with the same fabric as the desk. :)

yeah for july!

rebecca said...

I love it! And that fabric is fabulous. I've been planning to use that exact fabric for curtains in my kitchen for like a year now. I haven't gotten around to making those curtains yet, but you've made me wish I had. Your desk looks so great!

I want your playroom/craftroom!