Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Quote of the Week

Scene: Ben and I were getting the kids ready for bed last nite. I had put Emmy down and took her milk downstairs to put in the fridge. Ben was helping the boys brush their teeth, etc. Miles then came down ("I snuck down") and looks at me and says,

"Mom, can I just look one more time in the basement?"

Awwww, I was melting away.

"Yeah, why?" (I knew exactly why.)

"Because I love it so much."



erinmalia said...

you know you've been sneaking peeks too, so don't deny it! i would too if my playroom looked that cute.

emily said...

oh indeed i was sneeking peeks! i didn't deny it - while we were walking down to the basement i told miles that i had done the same thing like 50 times that day. :)

rebecca said...

So cute.

You gave them a room they love. A room to PLAY in. What could be better? And bonus for you that it's in the basement! Our playroom stuff floods right into the connecting living room.