Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun, fun, fun.

We've added a few fun items to our homes. Our kids LOVE them all. LOVE.
We put a swing up in our playroom downstairs. I have had this swing since before we even painted the room, so I've been excited to get it up. The kids (especially Jonas) adore it. (oops, i thought i had a picture of it, but i don't. i'll post it someday.)

Ben also worked so hard all weekend building a big sandbox. It is so great! So great, in fact, that this is the reason I can blog right now: the boys are happily playing in the sandbox (while Emmy is trying on my bra. Ha.)

Also, last Saturday I had a little garage sale. I wanted to make a 100 dollars so I could buy a picnic table from Home Depot. I made almost exactly 100 dollars. Pefect. So we enjoyed a lovely meal last nite outside on our new table.

Fun stuff, fun times.

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Nicole said...

How fun! And your kids keep getting bigger and bigger!

Nice having a new computer! Can't wait til I get one because this one is on it's last leg!!