Saturday, May 02, 2009

It's All Relative

Okay, maybe not everything is relative - but a lot is.  Take Age.  When you are in your teens, anything older than 30 is old.  Then when you are 30 you don't feel or think you are old.  Instead, you starting thinking that 80 is old, not even 60 because that's how old your parents are.  Then, perhaps, when you turn 80 you look around at the 100-year-olds and think, "I'm pretty spry."  Age is relative.

The weather.  The weather is very relative.  A 60 degree day in July would mean people pulling out their hoodies, cuddling on the couch with a good book (or husband), sipping some hot cocoa.  A 60 degree day in November means people putting on their short-sleeves and heading out to the park.

Good days and bad days are also relative.  I can think I had a bad day, then get news of someone I know whose husband died and realize my day was not so bad after all.  In fact, it was probably even good.  Really good.  I can even have a truly good day, and then have one that was waaay better and topped all the others.

Sayings can also be relative.  For instance, if my kids were all teenagers and I heard Jonas say in reference to Emmy, "She's a mess,"  I'd probably be concerned for her welfare.  However, when I heard Jonas say in reference to Emmy on Saturday that "She's a mess," I knew exactly what he meant.


erinmalia said...

everett really responded to that picture of emmy! it was hysterical. and before i enlarged it, i thought she was wearing some sort of surgical mask! ha.

Nicole said...

Cute! Looks like she was having a ball.

rebecca said...

Perfect introduction to a great picture! He he! I think anyway you look at it, Emmy was definitely a mess at that moment. Good camera grab!