Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend, 2009

A great weekend with great family.

But I forgot my camera and so we used Diana's camera and had Jim save all the pictures to a disc.  I'm still trying to figure out my computer and find my old CDs so that I can re-install certain programs (like Photoshop).  So I couldn't change the glaring red-eyes in my normal programs, and so opted to do something weird - "watercolor" my pictures.  I just did these 3. The rest should be normal.
The kids were very spoiled (well really the boys) and got to watch a lot of Smurfs (on DVD) and a really cool Eyewitness (my fav. DVDs) "Ponds and Lakes."  Luckies.

Such good looking people!  Poor Emmy is still a little shy/scared of people other than mom and dad.  But that is Grandma Diana holding her and Diana's mom, Great-Grandma Dee, on the right.

And here we have four generations of Maxwells - with Great-Grandma Gwenn and Grandpa Max.


erinmalia said...

oh man, if you click to enlarge you really can see the greatness of the watercolor! that's awesome.

what a cute family ben has.

Niederfam said...

You have been BUSY BUSY........So fun to read all the updates......I think you've inspired me to have a garage sale, then i just might have enough to buy a little picnic table too!!! LOVELY.