Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More weekend photos

The kids "helped" Grandma Diana water her flowers.  Oh, they also helped each other get drinks.  I love this picture - Jonas helping Emmy.  And Miles in the background laughing.  My kids think they are so funny.  So do I.  (Sometimes, of course.)

The boys had to show us their soccer skills.  Wowzers.

We went to Bellview Park - I think that is how you spell it.  It's tons of fun.  The boys totally got rockin' on this thing together.  A very joyous moment for us parents to see.  :)

The train at the park.  A definite thrill and highlight.

Also at the park:  a little stream.  It's really great in the hot summer.  On a cold/overcast, slightly rainy day?  It's cold.  But still fun.  Jonas was really scared about stepping on craw-dads (they found shells last year in the stream and Miles kept talking about it.)

Miles loved every minute of it.

As did Emmy.  She was fearless in getting wet and cold.  Of course she fell in and got soaked, so it was time to head home.  :(

On Sunday we went on a lovely walk on the canal.  He is Jonas playing with the butterfly catcher.

And here we are Monday morning - awaiting our wheat-kernel waffles.  I also had to show this picture because I am in my exercise clothes.  A highlight for me of the weekend was going on an-almost 1 1/2 hour bike ride with Ben.  It was a beautiful ride and we saw bunches of rabbits, ducks, birds, and even a coyote.  Oh it was so fun.  Oh I wish I was doing it again today.  Thanks, again, for babysitting Jim and Diana!

We did lots of stuff while there:  library, park, tree-climbing (perfect-sized trees for Miles, too - oh what fun!), more parks, temple-trip for Ben and me, Littleton museum, backyard adventuring, train-driving on hard-wood floors for Jonas, head-banging when mad on hard-wood floors for Emmy, eating good meals - none of which cooked by me, going to church, thunderstorms, friends over for Sunday dinner, visiting with folks and grand-folks, etc.

Lovely time indeed.


erinmalia said...

next time you go, can i come?

emily said...


megan said...

I want to go to that park! Seems like a fun weekend. I like in the picture on the train it looks like someone in the background is about to do some mooning. And I think you look really cute in that last picture.

Mindy said...

We were in Denver just the weekend before, too bad we missed you. Looks like a fun weekend! We love going to Belleview park! Your kids are so cute, by the way.

courtney said...

please!! no more talk of canal trails, parks, museums, etc. i can't take it anymore!

really, that was a lovely post. and now i am so homesick. :)