Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh - Rainy Day!

On Tuesday we were treated to a lovely afternoon thunderstorm that brought some good rainfall.  We had been out-back playing and could hear the thunder for quite a long while before it came to us.  I was surprised that none of my children cried out when the thunder roared - as my children have been apt to do so before.

Anyways, it started to rain heavy.  And, kids will be kids, my kids started to enjoy the rain.  Miles started a thing of running out in the rain, tilting his head way back, opening his mouth wide, then coming back under shelter to me (sigh, adults will be adults) and exclaiming:  "I got some!  It's good water!"  Of course Jonas joined in.  As well as Emmy - but most times Emmy, instead of getting the falling water, took the easy route and just tried to suck the fallen water off the sidewalk.  Brilliant.

Then a lot of water started falling out of our gutters.  We need to de-leaf our gutters because they are full of leaves and thus the rain comes out in all sorts of spots, rather than just the down-spouts.  But whatever.  It makes life more fun.

Buckets started being placed under the water-falls, then dumped, then refilled, and so on.  Then the kids started drinking from the falls.  And that was fun.  But leave it to Emmy to pick things up a notch.  She decided to shower in the falls.  Lovely.  She got her hair wet and would even wash her hair.  It was great:

And a video just for fun:


erinmalia said...

i think emmy is looking more and more like you all the time. it's awesome. and fun in the rain! it definitely gave you something to do.

raedene said...

I think your kids would have lots of fun with my kids... :) I just love looking at your blog! You do such a great job... and so on top of it! I am super lame and only blog once a month or something. Maybe I can get in a better habit this summer. :) One can only hope...

Hans and Michelle said...

Emmy looks exactly like you in those pictures. She seems like a very fun gal.

rebecca said...

So so so so cute! What a fun day! And side note - your grass is so green!

emily said...

it is green - finally. there was a lot of rainstorms that weekend. we also have sprinklers - oh yeah.