Friday, May 01, 2009


We finally got around to check-ups on 2 out of 3 of my kids (Jonas' 3 year and Miles' 5 year).  Emmy's 18 months is next week.  A little late for all of them.  But whatever.

So I thought I would do an update.  I'll start with Emmy, even though she hasn't had her official check-up.  I'm sure her stats are pretty low as she is petite.  Emmy is absolutely 100% crazy.  Ha.  Crazy cute and crazy insane - sometimes those 2 situations can occur within 30 seconds of each other.  I refuse anymore to do long grocery trips with my kids - all due to Emmy.  She can get M.A.D.  She'll throw her head back, arch, and SCREAM.  It's lovely.  Luckily she still is attached to her "sleepies" and so they can usually soothe her pretty good.  She doesn't "suck" on her sleepy as much anymore, instead she uses the cuffs and tickles her face, arms, hands, or feet - pretty much whatever is bare.  It's pretty sweet.  The boys are really in to teaching her words - they taught her "naughty" the other day.  She loves carrying around babies.  She loves to "weeeee", i.e. swing.  She will also take a book, open it, and start "reading" it.  Her reading sounds something like, "weeeemamadadababy, weeeemamadadababy, weeeemamadadababy."  You know she's reading because her voice gets really high and different.  I like her.

Jonas is still our silly boy.  I can't even explain his silliness.  You just have to be around him.  My mom can vouch for his silly faces - he was giving her lots of them during sacrament meeting last week.  He talks silly a lot.  He rides a bike silly.  He's just silly.  He is like in the 6% for weight - nice, huh?  He weighs 27 pounds - some kids these days weigh that at 1-year.  He really wants to do school like Miles and gets to tag-a-long with us every once a while.  I will "officially" start his unoffical schooling when Miles starts Kindergarten.  He pretty much does whatever Miles is doing.  He knows a lot of random letters and enjoys drawing.  He is especially fond of whining.  I am not especially fond of whining.  But Jonas makes me laugh all the time and I love him for that.

Miles is gearing up for Kindergarten.  So I thought I should wean him from his naps.  Oh so sad.  I don't totally mind it, but he is cranky, cranky, cranky.  It is a very obvious difference in him and I hope it goes away soon.  I'll still have him take a nap on Friday - because I want to look forward to something on my TGIFs.  He can entertain himself well, though, so if it isn't a "school day," I can send him to the playroom and he'll be content.  Or I can give him a box and tell him to draw a picture in each of the squares:
I love his pictures.  I asked him how he came up with drawing the deer (I thought it turned out great) and he told me that he remembered the How-To-Draw book and remembered the deer.  We had that book over 4 months ago.  We never drew a deer then, nor did we talk much about it.  The kid has 2 really stand-out brilliancies (yes, a made-up word):  his memory and his inquisitivness.  He tells everybody he meets that his favorite food is sardines.  And he's serious.  Just today we got a wishbone in the mail from my folks (they had to send me my running shoes I left).  Miles won his wish.  He told me that his wish was 1.  that he could show daddy the new library book, If I built a Car, and 2.  that he could eat sardines with his Daddy.  Both will come true.  His percentiles are pretty small too - I don't exactly remember, but something like 6% for height and 15% for weight.  Miles, though, doesn't believe any of this and thinks he is the tallest and strongest of everything and everyone.

Love my kids.  Always.  Like my kids.  Most of the time.


erinmalia said...

i love your kids! i so wish i knew them better and saw them more. oh well. july, right?! so fun!

Nicole said...

Cute kiddos. I hope my kids will be as good nap takers as yours!

And wicked was so awesome! Glad you had such a fun anni!

emily said...

it was great to see you, nat, and your mom. :)

yeah, erin, i still can't believe you are coming here!!!! i try not to talk about it too much because time is very hard for kids to understand. :)

i {heart} hawkes said...

great post, and i really like the pics of the icecream and emmy underneath it all...too cute.

rebecca said...

That is a really good deer! Wow.

Love your closing line. I feel the same way. Love them always, like them most of the time. Yeah. So glad I'm not the only one.