Friday, June 19, 2009


Well we did it - actually we did it a few months ago. We got cable. Ewww. We've never had it in our entire married life (a whopping 7 years). Frankly, I'm not sure why we got it now. I kind of wanted to get decent local-channel reception, but we don't get that here even with our cable. Oh well. We were able to cancel out our long-distance (thanks to the new cell-phone provided by my father), and so by adding cable we will be spending less on our phone/internet/TV bill - once the idiotic Qwest people (hey, i'm being nice here) can actually do our bill correctly. Fourth time is the charm?

Anyways, Ben and I spend perhaps 1-2 hours weekly watching the TV. If that. Sometimes maybe more, but I can't remember when the "sometime" was? But the great thing is that my kids think they are real lucky that they get to watch 30 minutes of TV once a week. Ha. Friday afternoon at 3pm they get to watch "Toot and Puddle." We were first introduced to these pigs via the old-fashion way of reading books. Low and behold they have their own series. It's a good program and I enjoy watching it with them. Emmy mainly enjoys getting to eat her snack on the couch and occasionally looking up at the TV and laughing at the pigs.

Luckily cable hasn't changed our lives and the comic strip given to me by my in-laws still really hits home:

Kids: "ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!. . . "
Mom: "What are you 3 laughing about?"

Kids: "I burped, Wren tooted, and Zoe sneezed all at the same time."
Other kid: "It was the funniest thing we've seen all day."

Mom: "Which is a very strong argument for upgrading our cable subscription."


erinmalia said...

seriously so impressed. i wish i could say i watched that little tv, but that will never be me. oh well.

and i love that comic strip. you should really read it every day. they're funny.

megan said...

We've had cable off and on for a couple years now, but I still think sometimes we should go back to just videos and DVD's. I'm not as disciplined as you are with how much I let the kids (or myself) watch.
But I had no idea there was a toot and puddle show! We like the books, too.

La Ron said...

O.K. you guys are my heros. We are trying to be better at less tv but as I type this my kids are watching Harry Potter with John. Small baby steps. Good for you guys. TV takes up so much time and is very addicting. Believe me I know.

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

CONGRATS! I am so excited for you guys!!! How cute the three of them laughing together!

courtney said...

cable! that is always a big discussion at our house. mostly because our phone/internet/tv would be cheaper if we bundled it...but i don't want cable and so we pay for them separately. well, at least the phone & internet. but that doesn't matter to you so why am i babbling about it on your comment page?! :)

sam gets his 1/2 hour a day...so i want to know your secret to a 1/2 hour a WEEK. please tell!

emily said...

well i didn't mention this to get any accolades (is that the right word? spelling?).

no trick - just that the kids have never gotten to watch tv every day. it's just not an option i guess.

but don't think i'm all that great b/c i probably get grumpier with my kids b/c some days i just need a break (or longer break) from them and don't get it. tv could probably help. :)