Sunday, June 28, 2009


Here are a few projects and crafts we've been up to the past few weeks:

I went to some antique places last weekend searching for a dresser for Emmy. She has never had one and I wanted 1. to clear up 2 of my own drawers that were currently housing her stuff and 2. have all of her clothes in her room. So I found this old dresser ($22.50!) and had planned on sanding off the shiny wood stain, priming it, then painting it white. Well after I sanded it I decided to take a "before" picture. After I took the picture I decided I really liked how it looked sanded. So then I just stuck on some vinyl stickers I had found for $3 and wahlah. The knobs weren't on for the picture, but now they are. Love it. p.s It's way cuter in person.

I made these silhouettes of the kiddos. The red and black took me a little time to get used to, but it matches our red striped chair we have right below the silhouettes. These pictures hang in our bedroom. (dangit, i can't find the link i used to make these. but there are a lot of online tutorials if you do a google search.)

This is not the best picture since you don't see all the wall, the couch, etc. But whatever. When Ben and I were clearing out the file-cabinet from our house's previous owners, we discovered these in the basement. Old window panes. Fun. So the left window has a picture of each kid, plus a wordle of things about them. The right window has, again, a picture of each kid and then a favorite quote of theirs. I saved lots of money (but not ink) by printing off the pictures at home. This hangs in our office.

A fun kid craft we made last Saturday: grass heads (or chia pets). I love these little guys. Miles named his "E." Jonas named his "heh." Not the letter "H," but rather the sound it makes. Lovely. I think the boys will give them a hair cut tomorrow.

Here's a simple bird feeder we made yesterday. Take a pinecone, tie some rope around it, have the kids lather it up with peanut butter, then have them roll it in bird seed, stick it in the freezer for 1 hour, then hang up on tree. Cool.

Just thought I'd share. . .


Melissa said...

"I don't want Jesus to bite off my toes" -- So funny, but it makes me wonder, just what are you teaching them, Emily? ;)

You are so creative! Keep posting the wonderful things you make!

Melissa said...

Oops, I misquoted -- "I don't want Jesus to bite my toes off."

erinmalia said...

i love the quotes that you added! they're great.

Hans and Michelle said...

Where in the world do you find the energy to do these projects? You are amazing!! Makes me want to unleash my inner crafy, but I think I'd have to dig really really deep:)

raedene said...

How do you find time to do all that you do? You're amazing! I need to find some new source of energy so I can do more! I love to see all your crafts and all you're up to!

rebecca said...

Love everything! Especiall the picture windows. Ditto the other quotes - where do you find the time. I have an inner craftyness, it just doesn't come out often. Keep inspiring!

emily said...

i find time during naps, but since miles only naps once a week and jonas 3 times, i usually don't get much done then.

usually i am doing "things" from 8pm-10pmish.

i love having projects as i think all of us have a need to create things. (and not just babies)

Nicole said...

Look how crafty! I love all the ideas and the dresser is darling.