Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Fun Monday

Well I don't think I've mentioned this before, but Ben is now back to working in town at the surgery center - again.  Same place, same job.  It wasn't that his job at the hospital was bad, but there were some things he didn't like.  Like the commute (I know, I know - all you big city folk would probably love a 30-minute commute.  But it doesn't compare to a 7-minute bike-ride.).  And like the on-call.

And as luck would have it, Ben's co-worker from the surgery center called him to let him know that the gal who took over his position was moving out-of-state and so his job was back up for grabs.  Lucky.

So Ben's back at the surgery center and loving it.

Anyways, back to "Fun Monday."  Ben's new schedule is 4-10s - Tuesday-Friday.  Pretty nice.  It makes the days a little long for me as I've been used to him home by 4pm.  But I'll get used to the longer days - I'm already used to having him home one extra day!  Lovely.

So yesterday we went on a little hiking excursion, fishing fun, and picnic:

Mommy and Daughter hiking together.

Eating our snack of trail mix - look how Emmy is "hunting" for the M'nMs.

I love my little hikers.  Even Jonas who complains after 2 minutes of hiking and wants to turn around.

We just love this picture.  Soooo Jonas.

Jonas told me as we were going to the pond to fish:  "I'm so happy to be fishing!"  So sad that he wasn't able to catch anything dangit.

Miles and his daddy.
Best Picture Ever of Miles.  Ben had casted out his line and then as Miles was reeling it in, he caught this fish.  The boy loves fishing and fish.

Emmy entertained us all with her mad skills on the harmonica.

Then we cooked up some lunch - the not-so-nutritious but ever-so-cheap Ramen Noodles.  It was a great, great day.


erinmalia said...

oooh i love pics of your kids! is jonas winking in the one? and the ramen noodle shot is awesome. did you see the noodle hanging from jonas' mouth? priceless.

can't wait to see what you do next monday!

emily said...

jonas is just making a funny face. funny, eh?

yes, love jonas' noodle. miles has a long one, too.

courtney said...

as usual, i'm jealous! sounds like a perfect day.

rebecca said...

4 10s sounds great to me. I'd love a 3 day weekend every weekend! Looks like you guys made the most of it! You have the cutest family EVER! Your kids are just darling, all of them, and you do so much fun stuff OUTSIDE. I love it!

Melissa said...

That Emmy -- so young, and yet she's already mastered the true way to eat trail mix!

Nicole said...

Cute pics! I love the ones of them holding hands!

Glad he is liking the new/old job :)

Brooke said...

This looks like a totally FUN Monday! Such cute photos and great memories made. You are one cool family.