Monday, June 15, 2009

Herbie Goes Camping

Well "Herbie" got to go camping this weekend with the boys. But even more exciting than that was that Grandpa Max got to go, too. How fun! They had a great, great time:

Emmy was really, really mad about her carseat being taken out of the buggy. She was crying and really hoping that she could go with the boys, too. Luckily Grandma Diana was there and started up the bubbles. Bubbles - and Grandmas - solve everything. Perfect. We had a lovely (and quiet) time with all the boys gone. It was really enjoyable.

All stuffed and ready to go.

Exploring around the camp area.

They found a tree that had fallen over, but some roots were still stuck in the ground. Miles couldn't stop asking questions about it, looking at it, examining it, etc. Go figure - the other day he came up to me and said, "Mom, I want to be a studier." You are kiddo.

Here Jonas is "cooking [his] hands" to get them warm in the cool morning. What a funny beauty.

They found a cow's skull - and, instead of taking the whole thing home like Miles wanted to, they got to pull out a tooth and bring that home.

This boy loves to camp and be in the great outdoors.

Grandpa Max and Jonas sitting on a log. Of course.

"Herbie" and Grandpa Max with the boys. So cute.

A fun time had by all the boys, I think. I was a little jealous. But only for a little bit, because when they all got home the house got all rowdy again, real quick, and I realized what a lovely time I had had, too. So I think we'll all be looking forward to it again next year. You up for it again, Grandpa Max? :)


Nicole said...

So many fun posts recently! Looks like you've all been up to a lot of fun.

I've been trying to email you, but apparently something isn't working, but I got my gift today!! I love it! It is soooo cute! I can't wait to put it up. :) What a cute idea!

Montrose Lewises said...

LOVE this! And 'funny beauty' is so appropriate as he IS so beautiful!
I'M jealous, but I can imagine it was quiet and peaceful.

erinmalia said...

that jonas. he has more adorable pictures than any other child. and that miles. the things he wants to study! do you see that in jonas or is that clearly a miles thing?

and that pic of ben with the bug? needs to be made black and white so it looks old. it would fit better.

La Ron said...

What a fun trip for the boys and for the girls. Every year John takes Hayden camping and Saylor and I do fun stuff at home. I love all the pictures of the boys. They are so adorable and photogenic. I don't think your kids take a bad picture!!!

i {heart} hawkes said...

what a fun post! wish we were camping right now as well. hope you had some relaxing time yourself.