Monday, June 08, 2009

Made On Monday

Ben worked very hard this weekend in getting up our cute little garden fence.  I love it.  I love him.  I'm always impressed with what Ben can build.  We needed to keep Wilson out of our garden and so we used some "scrap" wood - thus this fence cost us about $6, the cost of new screws.  Totally in our budget.  I won't say where we got the wood in case there are some forest workers who lurk around my blog.  I don't want my husband (nor father-in-law) arrested.  Hehe.

Ben wanted to make sure to do something fun for/with the kids as well today, so we went to the local Indian Musuem and ate our lunch outside in a Teepee.  Pretty cool.  But I'm not sure what was cooler - the teepee or the random Indian-American who walked up and showed us the cool "floating water-bottle" magic trick?  Awesome.

If we were all feeling good, it would have been a great day.  But, alas and lucky, it was still a good day.


erinmalia said...

that is so amazing. i, too, am impressed with what ben can do. what's the big box in the corner?

emily said...

compost bins.

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

Em...that's it! I am moving in with you! You have the done the cutest things ever! I can't believe how amazing you are! The fence, the towels, the cupcakes and then the curtains! You are my dream woman! I am so proud of you! I am so glad you linked the towel website. I am going to give them a try! Love it!

Debbie said...

Em- I haven't been by your blog in a VERY long time - it seems I am busier than 3 moms should be...it's good to catch up, I love the updates and pics!
BTW - are Indian-Americans truly "random" if you are actually in a tepee? :)