Thursday, June 04, 2009

Needing Addresses

(a picture just for fun.  no relevance whatsoever to my post)

Remember how the first 5 commenters on my "craft post" would get a homemade craft by me?  Well all of them, except for sweet Kate's, are all done.  (Sorry Kate, I'll get it done soon I hope!)  So I need addresses from the five of you (yes, I probably have them all - but they are all on our old computer and I don't want to go to that effort to look them up. ) 

so in case you forgot, here are the five:

1.  Kate H.

2.  Rebecca G.

3.  Mindy J.

4.  Megan T.

5.  Nicole P.

thank you.  now mind you the crafts are nothing grand - simple and small, yet cute (I think).

p.s.  you can email it to me at emilykiana [at] gmail [dot] com


erinmalia said...

i sure hope you post the results! even though i didn't win, i'd love to see what others did win.

emmy almost looks like a boy there. a cute boy though.

Nicole said...

Yay! I just realized I won (sorry I'm a bit late!)!!! Can't wait! I'll email you my address!

Mindy said...

I totally forgot about this, but now I'm excited again! So I'm supposed to do it on mine too, right?