Monday, June 22, 2009

Ode to Fathers

Well I sort of realized that I feel bad about this post because it isn't dedicated to my father. Instead it's about the father of my children. But fathers' day has become quite different to me now that I have my family. I have my father-father (by that I mean dad). A great, generous dad and grandpa. A smart man. I also have my father-in-law. A hard-worker and very church- and service-dedicated man. Then there is Ben, the father of our kiddos. And I also look at my boys as future (very-future) fathers. Whew, lots of fathers to think about. I have been very, very, very blessed by the great examples of fathers I have in my life and that my children have in their lives.

We made cards for Ben and I asked the kids some questions about their Dad. Here is what they (the boys) said:

Daddy's full name:
Miles - "Ben Miles M. . ."
Jonas - "I don't know."

Where was Daddy born?
Miles - "Middleton, no not Middleton. Littleton."
Jonas - "I want you to help me."

What is Daddy's favorite color?
Miles - "green"
Jonas - "blue"

What is Daddy's favorite food?
Miles - "anything. and rhubarb pie."
Jonas - "sardines."

How old is Daddy?
Miles - "21"
Jonas - "10"

How tall is Daddy?
Miles - "40 inches"
Jonas - "way tall"

What do I like best about Daddy?
Miles - "He eats sardines with me. Sometimes he makes crafts with me."
Jonas - "He's so nice to me. I love him."

To Dad from Miles - "Miles loves Ben." I want to see you on Mondays."
To Dad from Jonas - "The Easter Bunny is going to give us some Easter eggs." huh?

There you have it.

I love you, Ben. And I love my father, too. And my father-in-law. I couldn't be happier for all three of their examples to my own future-fathers.


erinmalia said...

i love it. but why isn't emmy's dress made out of the same materials as the ties?! next year...

but everything is adorable. i love the things they say.

emily said...

well. . . i had thought about making a headband with that material for emmy. but i didn't make the ties and didn't have any extra fabric. that's probably a good thing. :)