Friday, June 05, 2009

Post Cupcake Fun

Well of course we had to take a bath after decorating the cupcakes.  :)  Also, we wanted to try out our new bath towels, super fun.

(p.s.  Looks like these will be my practice towel hoodies.  After Ben saw them he really liked them, but thought I should actually make some with decent towels.  Because, I'm learning, sometimes being frugal doesn't mean buying the cheapest item, but rather something that will actually last.  I'll wait until these fall apart [which I don't think will be long] and then I'll make some nice ones.)

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erinmalia said...

there was this discussion i saw the other day talking about the difference between frugal and cheap. very interesting. i think sometimes being cheap costs more in the long run. and now you'll get to redo the towels!