Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sew Fun

Well if I lived to closer to my sister my mantra would be, "Why sew when you have Erin?"  But, alas, we live1877 miles apart from each other.  How lame.

So sometimes I need to do the sewing on my own.  Don't get me wrong, I do like to sew.  But I can only sew very simple and small projects.  Very simple and small.  I can sew, just not good.  Seriously when you get up close (or not even that up-close) to things I've sewn, you'll see all the quirks.  Some are pretty bad.  But the worse part is that I don't really care about my quirks.  I'm just glad to whip out something with 3 kids hounding me the whole time.  So I just take what I make and think one day I might actually try to make something nice.

Anyways, this is what I have done the past week:

After years of wanting to do this (make hooded towels, that is), I finally did.  I got the "instructions" from Marie over at her blog.

I bought cheap towels at the dollar store (but, go figure, they were $2) and they didn't have the coordinating hand-towels.  But I think what I got are okay.  Next time I would not sew the hood on top of the towel, just side by side so as to create a stitch-less seam (I don't really know what I am talking about - does anyone understand me?).  But I learned that it is very, very hard - or even impossible - to un-stitch terrycloth.  Anyways, a fun project - I'll have to try and get a picture of the kids in them after their baths.  The LOVED them, by the way.

I finally got around to making curtains for Emmy's room.  I love this fabric.  I have the same fabric for the boys - just the background color is blue.

Sew fun, indeed.

(p.s. if you were one of the "winners" of my homemade craft, please see the post down below.  thanks!)


erinmalia said...

well you'd sew because i'd make you do it. and because i'd watch your kids while you did it so NO excuses.

everything turned out great. i'm very proud of you. now go make another units outfit.

p.s. why do i always get really interesting word verifications on your blog? this was: bratork.

Hans and Michelle said...

I am extremely impressed~ I would love to sew, in theory anyway. I have a sewing machine even. I think I might even have energy for a project. Any ideas on a good starting point?