Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tee-hee ball

Well Miles had his first game tonite. To put it nicely, I think Miles is the least interested ball-player on his team. :) But at least he hit the ball. . . however not as often as he hit the t-ball stand. And of course there were his moments of tackling his own teammates for the ball - after the teammate had gotten a hold of the ball, of course. Oh yes, and there he was after the 1st inning asking his coach when they get to eat their snacks. There is also his lack of hussle where he got out-run by the batter following him. Every time. But the best? Miles blowing kisses to Ben (who was coaching 3rd base) as he rounded 3rd base. Every time. So, overall, we all did have fun.

and there goes the. . . tee.

cutie pie.

if you don't know him really, really well you might think he is listening. . .

But oh how we love him in spite of and because of all that makes him Miles.


erinmalia said...

awesome. but was he very unlike the other kids? you say he was maybe the least-interested, but by how much? i guess i think what 5-year-old could take this seriously?! but maybe they exist.

emily said...

in terms of paying attention, i would say miles was pretty much average - or slightly below. some kids definitely pay more attention, some about the same, and i'm not sure if any do less. ha.

for some kids this is their 2nd year (5-6 year-olds) and they are way, way better. everyone hit the ball really well until miles. :) but luckily he doesn't care.

i would say, "oh he'll get better." but i don't know? they kid doesn't want to practice tee-ball b/c he has his own agendas. and good luck getting him off HIS plan. oh boy.

Nicole said...

These are so fun and amusing! Glad he gets to play!!

courtney said...

i love that he blows kisses to ben as he runs around the bases. classic.