Sunday, July 19, 2009

1st Family Camp-Out of '09

Wow, crazy that we haven't been able to get out camping as a family until this past weekend. But go we finally did. It's always good just to go up with our little family the first go-around so that we can iron out some of the kinks. It was a pretty fun camping trip. Not super great, truthfully, but good. It's always good to be out in the great outdoors. It was real quick, though, seeing as Ben doesn't get off work until 5:30. And our drive to where we camped was 2-hours - but worth it (this time at least) as I just think Lake City is a neat place.

The kids are anxiously awaiting s'mores.

Emmy is eating her first s'more ever. Wow, check out that fire!

Now getting ready for bed. Doesn't she look tired? She loved, loved the tent and was just all giggles and runs in the tent. As it was already 10:00 it was way passed what I had planned: put Emmy down around 8, boys by 9, mom and dad 10. So we just decided to all go to bed at the same time. It went. . . perfectly. Amazing! Emmy was all snuggled up in her blankets, the boys in their bags, the light turned off, and bedtime stories shared. (my story was dumb, ben's was pretty good, miles' was short, and jonas' was surprising long and wasn't just filled with gibberish words.) Then there was pretty much silence. Not a peep from Emmy, except maybe once or twice a "mommy?"

Jonas trying to figure out how to put on his shirt. 9/10 times he gets it (and his pants) backwards.

Look - Miles' hair even looks that way sometimes before going to bed. Love it.

Now it's a good morning. Good morning Jonas!

Good morning Miles! Miles begged us to take his pic like that. (so sorry that it's upside down. and i can't fix it or it will mess everything up. dang google chrome, i really like you but not for doing my blog. then i hate you.) (erin can you fix it? it's not upside down in My Pictures)

And Good Morning Emmy! Too bad that was Emmy's best moment of the day. She got a little fever and wasn't feeling super-uper good for the rest of the day.

The boys getting the morning fire started.

We had an unsuccessful fishing excursion. The boys were more interested in playing. Emmy always wants to fish and hold the pole. It's great. And the line coming down from the tree? I think that was mine that I casted up there. Whoops.

Then we went hiking. Miles and Jonas were so in to trying to catch the grasshoppers, which were hopping everywhere! We deemed them uncatchables, though. They were tough to get.

Emmy hiking with her daddy. Oh I love them.

This never happens in my family - kids falling asleep on me. Even when babies. So you know that 1. Emmy went to bed 3 hours after her regular bedtime and 2. She wasn't feeling good. It was a treat for me.

Ants on a log. Cute ants indeed.

We found this little area off the hiking trail and the boys explored it for a good 30-40 minutes. It was perfect. Emmy slept on me the whole time. Miles told Ben he really wanted to climb across the stream on the log - and he did. It was fun watching my boys be. . . well boys.

On our way back home we stopped in the actual town of Lake City and played for a bit at the park. Then we walked on the boardwalks passed the shops. We stopped and got 2 cream sodas to share - yum! Then the kids just had to do a ride on the itty-bitty carousel. That's a post for it's own, though. Then we drove home.

A good time. Good enough that I want to do it again. Soon.


raedene said...

I always, always dread camping. ALL that stuff to get ready and packed and loaded and planned for.
Then, when we get there, it's bliss. I love it! Just LOVE it!
(Until I have to wash it and put it away when we get home) :)
Still worth it, though.

erinmalia said...

jonas looks so big! i can't wait to see him in person in, oh, six days!

that ants on a log pic is great.

erinmalia said...

and no, i can't fix the pic. did you delete it and try re-uploading it? i looked at the html code and didn't see anything that would say that it was any different from your others. sorry!

galbraithfam said...

That looked like soooo much fun!! I can't wait for my girlies to get just a little older and maybe we'll try out the camping thing--Ryan's not a huge camp guy--guess we'll have to talk him into it!

i {heart} hawkes said...

great post, ditto to erin with the ants on a log.

Megan said...

What a fun camping trip! We had a great one last week too!