Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ramblings of me

Kuddos to any of you if you finish this whole post. I was just thinking about bunches of silly, make-no-difference type of stuff. And so now I am going to put them in print. Because this is my journal of some sorts, too. Really, my only journal.

So earlier this week I was going to write a post about how tired I was. However, I was mostly tired of my kids at that point. So tired of Miles' lack of listening to me and obeying me. So tired of Jonas' frequent whines. And so tired of Emmy's cries and almost-constant desires/demands to be held by me -"want mama." Yes, it is so sweet to be that wanted - sometimes. Other times it is just a pain in the . . . But that has changed today and I have delighted in my delightful children.

I'm also physically tired a bit, too. But that is too be expected, I thought, as my wake-up time averages 5:30am, I exercise daily, run after 3 children, it's hot outside, etc., etc. Then I got back some blood work (side note: I went to the ER a few weeks ago - eardrum had bursted a couple days earlier, antibiotics and dizziness [due to ear infection] and nerves got me all feeling yucky. blood work revealed low potassium level of 2.7) from the doc's office which showed a normal reading of K: 3.8. But a very low level of thyroid hormone. And a typical symptom of hypothyroidism is lethargy. Cool. So now I am taking synthroid (it's a genetic thing as my mom started in HS). I thought maybe I would lose weight on this since it should get my metabolism back to normal - but all I've read online is that people have gained weight on this. What? So mad. If that happens the vainess I have in me will take over and I will not take the pill. So that's that.

Greener Acres
Pretty witty name for my business, eh? Huh you say? Well next year I am starting up a lawn-mowing business. My dear husband was suppose to do that this summer but by the time my nagging finally got to him and he asked around at work he was too late. And by the time my further nagging got to him and he was going to ask our neighbors, again too late. Good thing he's so good-looking.

Anyways, so next year (first of May to be exact) I am going to start our lawn business titled"Greener Acres." Not because I will make lawns greener in color, but because I will use an economically green method of mowing. How trendy am I? I will use a push-mower (I push-mow our lawn every week and truly love it.). I don't think this will be a huge hit with everyone, but all I want is about 3 lawns a week. Around $250/month. Something we could be using right now. But next year will have to do, sigh. I think I will only advertise this business in my neighborhood for several reasons - some of which are probably not accurate. Whatever. But 1. There are not many large, large lawns here, and 2. I feel this area is somewhat a little more artsy than other areas (okay, more poor too - dangit). I mean we live in the big downtown metropolis. Or not so big. But I feel artsy people tend to live close to Main Streets. And I also feel that artsy people tend to be a little greener, too. (Please don't be offened by what I say if you live in my town but not my neighborhood. I know artsty, green people live everywhere. In reality, I'm really not artsy and though I wish I was, am not so green - it's too expensive.) Anyways, I'm stuck at how I (or Ben?) could adequately trim a lawn without a gasoline-powered tool. Clippers? Maybe. . .

Ben as Hot
This thought, random as it is, just came to me as I was mowing the grass this afternoon. (Greener Acres is already employed by me. Too bad I can't pay myself, though.) A family walked passed me and one of the ladies is one that walks past our house quite often. Though I don't know her name, nor what house is hers, we do say "hi." I also remember her because she bought when of my Teton pictures at a garage sale. Anways (kuddos if you made it here), I always have stupid thoughts and as she passed I had this stupid thought:

"Maybe she is wanting to say, 'Why isn't your husband mowing your lawn?' In a nice way, though. Or maybe she is thinking, 'Why isn't your hot husband mowing you lawn?' He. Does she think Ben is hot? Do other people think he's hot?"

And that is basically what I was thinking. Some people probably don't even think about other people's husbands as good-looking or not. But some do. And do those some think my husband is hot? I don't know. I don't care.

Because he is.

Finally, what would a post of mine be without pictures? These pictures are taken of the Grape-vine Fort we have growing in our backyard. It's pretty cool. And even cooler today since I created a little "bench" in there so the kids can sit in there. So of course we had to have lunch in it today. Pretty fun.
Jonas peeking out of the Grape-Vine Fort. Yes, those are all grape vines with grapes beginning to grow.

Having lunch.

Miles had to bring out his blow-paint art we did this morning and hang it up in the Fort for some nicely-added decor. At least he's artsy.

p.s. my boys have been in the backyard for 7 hours - minus pee/poop breaks. wowzers.


Montrose Lewises said...

HA you are cracking me up :D love "Emily's thoughts on strangers thoughts on hot husband" portion :D. I love using those push mowers, too. I use Bri's Dad's when we visit him, he has a tiny yard and I recommended it to him. So... We just bought a rechargable B&D weed whacker. I'll let you know how it works. Comes with two batteries...
Hey, glad I made the "potential for greater artsy fartsiness" list, tho I'm pretty sure I fail in my potential, lol :D

rebecca said...

Best entry ever.

I love the randomness. And I love that you so freely admit you assumed that lady (and everyone) must think Ben is hot because he is. Fabulous.

I envy your grape vine forts!

Meg said...

I think Ben is hot - and you can tell him that too! Do you think that admission will make our next meeting awkward? :)
You wouldn't by chance be prego would ya? That also makes people tired.

emily said...

i'll tell him, megs. :)

and, NO, not pregnant. not that that hasn't crossed our minds. . . but it's a no and we think it will be that way for a long, long, long - perhaps forever?

erinmalia said...

where to begin? i love the name of the business. can i help with anything? any data analysis you need for it?

i'll just call you about the rest.

courtney said...

love this post! sorry to hear about the thyroid thing - my mom (and all 7 of her sisters + her mom) are all on synthroid. i'm just waiting for mine to go kaput. and "greener acres" is genius. i also enjoy "green" things but don't really participate in them because they are $$$. in fact, just before i checked your blog i was googling how to raise my own chickens. not sure i want to be that green. :)

and ben? he is hot. as an old friend, i am totally allowed to say that. so glad you two hotties found each other. :)

raedene said...

I loved reading your post. Because it flows in such a random way. And so I can understand it, because it is how my brain works, too! :)
I love your vine fort. And I am contantly envious of how great you are at really BEING with your kids. Art and lunch in forts and making beautiful things with them. You rock!