Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I like this term my sister came up with - at least I credit her for coming up with it. She has always claimed that she is not a creative person, but rather a re-creative person. That is, she sees things she likes and then she copies the idea and creates her own. I, too, am re-creative - though not nearly as much as my sister.

But I saw this the other day and instantly loved it and wanted to do it: light switch covers. And you know what? I acutally did it. Wow. I have so many things I would love to do but 2 things really get in my way darn it: 1. Time and 2. Money. But as this didn't cost me any money and I had all the supplies on hand and had time as my kids joyfully played, I did it this morning. One for Emmy's room and one for the Boys' room.

I really liked how they turned out - yet I am still critical of them. Emmy's is bubbly as I just don't do super well with Mod Podge apparently. Also, as I was screwing in the little screws, a little bit of the paper bunched, so to say. Perhaps that's do to my impatience and the mod podge might have not been totally dried? And the boys' turned out pretty good except for the location of the screw. It was the only picture of a boy and it was hard to space it any other way. I thought it would be okay. And it's probably okay, but not the greatest.

So that was fun. I think most women (people, perhaps?) have this want and desire to create something. My something was small and simple today, yet it completely satisfied me.

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erinmalia said...

they're adorable! hey, just be glad the screw on the boy isn't right in the middle of his forehead, like a gunshot.