Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What to do, what to do?

So amazingly I got a call last week from the school that Miles is suppose to attend this fall. I had called the district offices a week or two earlier to find out some information about kindergarten ("K" for now on), as I wasn't sure if K was going to be full-day or half-day (they did not know at the spring registration). The district was not sure either (weird, to me), but told me I could call the school and leave a message and hopefully somebody would get back to me before August 10th. So I was very surprised to get a call "so early."

But then I found out that our school (not the whole district mind you) if only doing full-day K. I strongly oppose that for my family. So now I have a dilemma, what do i do????

I could send Miles to his school and just take him out 1/2 day each day. The gal from school thought that would be totally okay with the school and teachers. But I worry about this because I don't want Miles to see everybody else stay full-day and he has to leave each day. And, please, don't tell me to let him stay all day if he wants to, because this is actually something I feel strongly against, for a variety of reason. Even if he wants to, it is not something I support. But I would feel bad if I had him go in the morning and the afternoons are all the "fun times." So do I send him in the afternoons for the fun stuff, and continue to teach him academia at home? Do I do 2 mornings, 2 afternoons, and 1 full-day each week? Too confusing and/or unstructured? Would teachers totally be opposed to that? Or just do either mornings or afternoons, but let him stay all day on Fridays?

Or. . . do I have him go to another school altogether? One where they only do half-day - which is every other school in our district. At first I didn't like this because I would probably have him switch back to our school come 1st grade. I was worried about transitioning him back to a new school, having to make new friends, etc. But some friends I talked to told me that making friends wouldn't be a big deal seeing as a 1st grade class would differ significantly than the K-class anyways. Am I making sense? Would I hate the 10-min. "commute" to his school each day? Etc., etc.

So, please, any feed-back, opinions, comments, etc.? I would love to hear them. Except to send Miles to full-day. I'm not doing that.


rebecca said...

Home school? You've done a great job so far, why not make it official? Or just skip Kindergarten? It's not required anyway. Start next year?

Or . . .

I have a friend who takes her kids out at lunch time in K. They get most of the academic stuff in the morning.

Would you be able to walk to your first choice school? A 10 minute drive both ways every morning and afternoon would get OLD. That would seal the deal for me. Miles will understand if you tell him not all the kids stay all day, and he happens to be one of them. I would guess you think it will be a bigger deal to him than it will actually be. Especially if you pick him up at lunch time, when he's out playing and away from the classroom anyway.

When you settle on a choice, you'll know it's right.

courtney said...

our K here is a full day too. i'm just hoping we'll move before sam is 5...

i think i would try enrolling miles in a half-day school. but then again, my oldest is only 2 and i've never had a child in school before...so i'm probably not one to give advice!

rebecca said...

Also, I agree with your friends that making new friends in first grade wouldn't be a huge deal. There were only 3 kids in Kylies first grade class that she knew from K. Kids make friends so easily at this age. My girls' best friends are from church anyway. It matters more who they play with outside of school, I think. So, my point is, if you sent him to a different school for K than first, he'd be fine. But, what about when Jonas starts K. Would you want to drive to two separate schools? I wouldn't. So nevermind. I'll stick with my original answer. :)

Debbie said...

Wow, Miles in Kindergarten!!! That is a huge step for Mom to take. Much harder on Mom then anyone else! Jonas will probably have the second hardest time, but then again he has Emmy.

I wrote you a huge long comment with all sorts of thoughts, experiences and things to think about. I decided it would be easier to call you than for you to read everything I wrote.

What it all comes down to though - is You and Ben are the parents and as such, you both are entitled to inspiration as to what would be best for your children.(which may actually be different for each of your kids). There really probably isn't a right or wrong. Miles and you both will have good experiences which ever decision you make. You are such good parents.

I feel for you because that first letting go of "full" control. (yea, like we ever have that over our children), but control of the influences from the outside is such a scarey and emotional time.

I will call you, but it may be tomorrow or so, because I am heading off to YW's.

Hans and Michelle said...

You'd hate the 10 minute commute, but it sounds better then any other option. I say the other school for half day K and then switch him back for 1st grade. 1st grade is TOTALLY different then K so it would not be a big deal at all to be in a new school anyway. Then do the same thing all over again for the next 2 kiddos. Good luck! Welcome to the world of stressing over school for your children. And I also fundamentally oppose full day K.

Hans and Michelle said...

Oh, and don't single him out by making him do what's different from the other kids. The kids and teachers will treat him differently.

i {heart} hawkes said...

i have no right in commenting as i'm not in your place...yet. however i think if i had to choose right now i'd send him to the other school for one year that does 1/2 day and then switch him back to your regular in bound school for first grade. but then again, i live in a bigger city and a 10 minute commute to anywhere is NOTHING, in fact i see it as a treat. you will be making the right choice no matter what. check out the new book i'm reading on good reads, Momfidience. i'm totally digging it.

emily said...

thanks everybody for your helpful insights. we're still trying to figure it all out with the great feedback and opinions we got.