Sunday, August 30, 2009

You Know. . .

You Know. . .
Your kindergartner had a long, exhausting first week of school when he lost privilege after privilege this weekend. Poor kid. Poor parents.

You Know. . .
You live close to your child's school when you hop out of the shower at 2:45, braid your hair, get dressed, wake up your other 2 children, change one diaper, get the kids in the stroller, walk to school, and have time to spare to pick up your child at 3:00.

You Know. . .
You and your husband are poor grocery-trip planners when 1. husband goes to the grocery store in the AM for worms (for fishing) and Sure-Jell (to make his annual plum jam), 2. wife goes in to same grocery store to get some more sugar for said jam, 3. husband has to go immediately back in to buy more sugar since he didn't think what wife had gotten was enough (it was), 4. later husband and firstborn (who had lost a privilege to watch a little show and had just finished cleaning up the toilets) go to same grocery store and pick up a lemon for said jam, 5. after kids go to bed wife runs to same grocery store and picks up a can of cream of chicken soup for Sunday dinner. holy annoying.

Friday, August 28, 2009

A 2-year old in the house - Oh boy! (errr, girl)

Waking up in the morning - finding her door decorated and her first present awaiting her.

Getting the cake ready. . .

A little treat for the birthday girl (and the birthday brothers). Yum.

So lady-like! She loves her little "bike." Super fun and super cute.

Isn't she a pretty little 2-year old?

Jonas' school involved sorting the skittles by color and then his "craft of the day" was helping me decorate Emmy's cake.

Yea! I loved how the cake turned out and was super pleased. I got the idea from here.

Emmy "sang" the birthday song to herself as well as we sang it. It was real sweet.

Isn't that cool?

The Kitchen. I think Emmy likes it - but I know that Miles loves it. :)

There she is with a new hat on, new squeaky shoes (I so love these - as does Emmy), feeding her new Monkey (Tutu, I think will be the name), with some new tea-set cups. Spoiled.

I thought this picture a little goofy looking, but Ben loves it. So I put it here for him.

It was such a fun day. I really love birthdays and the chance it gives to focus some extra attention and love on just one child.

And just in case I didn't show enough pictures, here are 2 videos:

Such a big week in our family. It was a lot of fun. But. I'm tired.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

You're Crazy

I'm sorry babe but that is what comes to mind when I think of you: "You're crazy." Because you know what? You are. You're crazy beautiful, crazy silly, crazy fun, crazy dirty, crazy clingy, crazy for treats, and also crazy cranky. Sorry 'bout the last one - but it's true. But we love you all the same you crazy.

Crazy beautiful. Some moments I just stare at you and love you to death. Your sweet, sweet cheeks. Your adorable little legs. Your growing hair. Your blue eyes. You are a beautiful girl and don't ever think otherwise. Please. As the quote goes, "God don't make no junk." Believe it. We still haven't had to give you a hair cut. You've got some slight, ever so slight, waves in your hair - so I'm still not sure if you'll be curly like Miles or straight like Jonas. You probably will end up being Like Emmy. Go figure. Your hair is the darkest of the kiddos. I painted your toenails for the first time a few weeks ago and you adored it. I adored you adoring it. Your daddy thinks you are the most beautiful little gal under 30 (I win it for the "over 30" group).

Crazy silly. Oh my, Emmy, are you ever silly. You sure know how to have fun. You hop, hop, hop, spin, spin, spin, hop, and fall all over our floors. All the while giggling. It's too cute. You used to make a "scowl" face just to be funny - it always made me smile. Even if you were trying to be more serious. You love trying on your shoes, as well as your brothers', your father's, your mother's, and your grandma's. You put them on, walk around, then take them off. When your brothers are being funny (or at least when they think they are being funny), you just laugh and laugh - I'm not sure you really think they are funny, but you just like laughing and being silly. It cracks me up. You love to swing on our basement swing and have a silly time doing so. You learned it from your brothers I presume.

Speaking of your brothers. . . they still adore and love you. But I think you rattle their nerves a little more. You are more able than ever before and that scares them. And it should. Sometimes they shut their bedroom door so you can't come in. Miles tells me, "Mom, don't let Emmy outside because I don't want her to ruin our sandbox." You can be quite destructive, little girl. But the boys also love playing with you because you jump right in. When they play monkey, you play monkey. When they wrestle, you wrestle. When they climb ladders, you climb ladders. When they jump in puddles, you literally jump right in. You fit in very well in this house.

Crazy fun. There is just something about you that is. . . fun. I'm not sure what it is. Your dad and I just have fun watching you. You make us smile, often. You are not a dull girl, oh no. You are always up to something. Falling over on the couch, doing somersaults on the floor, or headstands - which you are quite good at. In fact, you have signs of being an excellent gymnast. Your brothers got to take a gymnastics class together this year and you were so upset about not being able to join them. But, frankly, I think you learned more than them. :) Your skills are amazing for a 2-year old. You have little fear.

Crazy dirty. Wow, Emmy, my boys don't compare to you when it comes to dirtiness. It's like I roll you in honey and then the mud each and every day. I don't, I promise. You're just messy. You like to make messes and get messy, I guess. You make a mess when eating. You paint yourself when you're suppose to be painting paper. You draw on yourself when you are suppose to be coloring pictures. You put hand soap in your hair. Or pasta sauce in your hair. Dirt sticks to you like dog hair on a black couch.

But, in almost a direct contrast to this, you can't stand if you have a teeny-tiny itty-bitty piece of crumb on the bottom of your foot. I call you the "Princess and the Pea" because of this. You whine and whimper like you just stepped on a 3 inch nail. Most of the time I can't even see what the problem is - I just brush your foot and apparently it gets whatever it was off. You could solve this problem by wearing shoes, or even socks - but you don't like wearing shoes or socks in the house.

Crazy clingy. You don't get too far from me when I'm home. And if I'm gone, you stick pretty close to your daddy. It's endearing. It's annoying. It's both. I love that you love me, want me, and "help" me out. But I really wish I could go to the bathroom by myself. Or make a phone call without you having to be right up to the phone as well. But I do love it when you "help" me make bread or "help" me do the dishes. It's fun having you around. Most of the time.

You're still crazy clingy to your "boo." Your bunting. You used to wear them to bed and as soon as we'd put it on, you would "suck" on it. Now you don't fit it, but we still have to have it close by you if we want you to be happy for more than 2 minutes. You take the cuffs and tickle your feet, your face, your tummy, you hands, etc. At bedtime and naptime I get to do the tickling. You're a mess if your boo is not near you. I like that you have something to soothe you, but I do feel somewhat slighted when you get hurt and you cry for you boo. Not your mom who gave you birth, but your boo.

Crazy for treats. I think your second word (or close to it) was "cookie." You love sugar. Oh do you love sugar.

Crazy cranky. Man can you throw a fit. The terrible twos started about 6 months ago. I truly think you picked this up from your brothers. So blame them. You throw tantrums wherever you are - including Main Streets in both Moab and Silverton. So fun. You scream and wail. You thump your head on our floors (including our hardwood floors and even the tile floor). You even bite yourself. Hard. Ouch, I hate it when you do that. It makes me so sad that you do that to yourself. I hope it is a "phase." If you are not being held, you are usually cranky about it.

Nonetheless we are 100% Crazy In Love With You. Seriously Emmy.

We love you.

love, mommy (and daddy)

oh and p.s. Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jonas' First Day of Mommy 'n Me School

Oh I love my Jonas boy. He is so completely different than Miles and so it will be fun to be able to work and play with him and understand him a little more.

He just
the notebook I bought for him for "school." He wrote little tiny letters on it all during our school-time. Then after snack. Then before dinner. You get the idea.

He kept telling me, repeatedly and repeatedly,
"This is my notebook. Just mine. Miles does not get it."

So I would say Jonas' "first" day went very well, too.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Miles' First Day

some tid-bits: his teacher is in fact a Mister. the teacher is brand new to teaching. miles' classroom is in a portable class. miles told me 2 names of kids in his class - like i had assigned him to (remember that mom?). there are only 10 (!) kids in his class - one benefit of choosing half-day. he loves his whale backpack and was super excited to show it to Mister James. he got to see the "P.E room." he even got to go to "recess!" but when asked what his favorite part of kindergarten was, his reply:


I would say things went well.
Very well.

Twas the night before school. . .

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Wrap

Our friends invited us to go out with them, just them (i.e. minus our kids), 4-wheeling. Very out of my comfort level, but that's not always a bad thing, right? It was a fun time and great hanging out with friends. I was pretty tepid on the way up but was okay. I had moments that I could relax and enjoy it. :) The way down was much better for me and even fun. Then when we got to the smooth part of the trail on the way back, I got to take over and drive and that was loads of fun, too!

Here we are. I squeezed Ben a lot. Ha.

The handsome men. I actually decided to hop off at this point on the trail after watching Tori do a wheelie as she was going up. But I'm proud to say it's the only time I got off. :) (I'm a wimp when it comes to off-roading.)

That nite the boys got to go to the local drive-in movie theater with Ben. How cool. They saw the movie Up.

They loved it. In fact, it was Miles' 2nd movie at a theater and Jonas' first time going to the movies. How special. (I was at home with sleeping Emmy.)

But seeing as it ended in one of the worst going-to-bed nites for us EVER, I think we'll hold off going again for awhile.

Alright, now it's Back To School. . .

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Harvest Time

at least for our carrots.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My kids think I'm great

when I give them this for snack:

i wish everything were this simple.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sniff, sniff (updated)

I just dropped Miles off at school. But I'm not counting this as his "first day." Perhaps I should have? But I didn't, I didn't even take any pictures, and I didn't even send him with a backpack. But today is a very short day and is really an "orientation" day. A day of testing and introduction to his school.

His school decided afterall to offer one session of half-day K. So that's what we'll do. After all that agonizing, fasting, and praying. But I did find out 2 things today: 1. His half-day will be in the afternoon and 2. He has a brand-new teacher - A Man. I think I caught his name as Mr. James. Interesting. Good, too.

Anyways, tons of pictures and more tears to come Monday. Stay tuned. . .

(UPDATE: We picked Miles up. He had some great pictures to show me that he drew. In fact, "coloring" was his favorite part of today. I think he loved it all. I know he loves Savanna. The cute girl he was walking out of his class with - holding hands. She even gave him a picture she drew. He told me, "I think I am going to marry Savanna.")

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shhhh - don't tell Emmy

I found this play kitchen at an antique store here in town a couple of months ago. I had wanted to get a play kitchen for Emmy's 2nd birthday (coming up on the 27th!), but I did not want plastic, nor too big. Nor too much money. So when I found this I knew I had found It: handmade out of wood (by "real elves in Maine" as stamped on the back), quite petite, and only $25 - a steal. I bought it and this is what it originally looked like:

After sanding it, painting primer and several coats of paint, applying contact paper, buying cute cherry knobs on Etsy for $2.50, getting vinyl lettering made for free (by my friend), here is what it looks like now:

I'm totally excited about it. I know Emmy might not be super into it now, but I know that it is something she will use for years. (Miles knows about it and would "play" with it every time I got it down to work on it. ha) I'm probably more excited about it than she will be, but oh well. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today we really just hung-out close to home and that was nice. We had some neighbors come over and "play," but really the kids all just played by themselves. Funny kids. We got to go to Taco Bell per Miles' pleads and requests. After nap I took the kids to a park and we had fun on the swings and playing "castle." Very entertaining.

The deck is always a nice place to be - until it starts raining and turns a little cool. We were ready to eat dinner out there tonite when that happened - the temperature plummeted to 70 and the rain came. But we still like the deck.

Then after dinner I made some homemade waffle cones on my mother's 20 years + waffle cone maker. Sweet. It was delicious and super fun. Miles wanted me to take home the maker. I told him no and that it will be a fun tradition to do at Grandma's house. Fun indeed. And messy. Whoa was it messy.

Tomorrow we head home. Miles keeps talking about how it likes it here in "Grandpa's town," and that he wants to stay. Jonas wants to live here, too.

And while I absolutely love it here and absolutely love, love the beauty of this area, and while my parents live here, it is not my home. My home is where I have a pink room with a crib in it, a blue and red room with tiny boy beds in it, and a bed that I get to share every night with my husband.

So I'll indeed miss my folks; miss the exciting adventures we did while here, miss my parents' lovely home; and miss this beautiful "Grandpa's town." But I'm also glad to be going back


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So today was a full day - we left the house at 9, got back close to 5, headed out about 15 minutes later to eat, and finally got home and stayed home around 6:15. That's long for me and my kids. I didn't take super many pictures at all because frankly I was too lazy and hot (I hate summer. Really, I do.). But we went to the Zoo - all of us; minus Ben of course who is home. My mom took the day off and so that was fun.

The Zoo was cool, but hot (ha). We saw all the things you are suppose to see at the zoo. We got to see the really great bird-show, too. I hate birds, by the way. Especially close birds. And these birds flew over our heads so close that once my dad felt one touch his head (He hates birds, too. Especially close ones.) But even for a bird-hater, it was really neat. Why did I go if I hate birds? Miles. Miles loves birds for some reason I can't explain at all. He loved it. There was a talking parrot, dozen of beautiful white birds, owls, hawks, and even The Eagle. Oh, I just remembered my mom took a picture of us with the eagle. I'll go down-load it now. And here we are waiting for the show to start:

Emmy, once again, threw about a dozen tantrums. That girl. But it was still a fun time at the zoo.

Afterwards Miles couldn't stop asking for water. He drank about a gallon from the Lion Water Fountain at the Zoo. Then after the Zoo we drove to the Temple and walked around there. At the visitor's center Miles again drank a gallon. Then he wanted more. But we walked around the temple, and I endured more tantrums from Emmy - especially when I decided to hold Jonas for a while and not her. Oh fun. We didn't spend a super amount of time there as I was hot and tired, and I think the kids were, too.

But I did find some sugar-free Wild Strawberry slurpees on the way home. That was delicious and fun. Sugar-free was necessary as I was not about to give tired, all ready cranky, and dehydrated kids (and mom, too - me mom, not my mom mom) sugar.

Then we made it back to my parents. Played around for 15 minutes and then hopped back in the car and drove 5 minutes into town to a cute pizza place. My dad, however, would not call this pizza. I don't know what he would call. "Weird, healthy garbage," is what I would expect him to call it. But he was such a great sport and decided to go again (he went once and hated what he got). I loved it. It's an adorable little eatery. We ate outside. Luckily they offer a few more things than pizza and my dad actually loved his spaghetti and (huge) meatballs. Sweet. Miles ate tons. Jonas hardly ate - though he did do a good job with his salad ("I don't like salad!" he said before it came.). Emmy did great - for Emmy, mind you. I loved my gorgonzola, roasted pine nuts, caramelized onion, and other-stuff-that-I-didn't-know-what-they-were Pizza.

Afterwards, the kids did some performances on the outside gazebo. As I tried to hush them a bit, the older gentleman sitting alone (who had previously clapped for my children), told me, "Mom, don't worry," in a kindly way.

And to end the day, Emmy again threw a nice fit as I pulled her off the "stage."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We started the day by heading out to Cascade Springs. It's a really beautiful area and a great hiking place for young kids.

Emmy threw about 10 tantrums while there. I might be underestimating the exact number. She didn't like me holding her hand. Oh well. Life is tough.

Hiking on the path.

Checking out the pretty stream.

Pretty area indeed.

Then that afternoon we took a train-ride and it was really great. We stayed in the open car for most of the trip and it was just fun.

Miles loved it all, of course, but I think his favorite part (seriously) was the grasshopper hanging on the train. It was cool, though. The little guy (picture below) stayed on for over an hour of the train ride.

There we were. Everyone, including my dad, really, really enjoyed it.

The grasshopper. How cool is he?