Friday, August 28, 2009

A 2-year old in the house - Oh boy! (errr, girl)

Waking up in the morning - finding her door decorated and her first present awaiting her.

Getting the cake ready. . .

A little treat for the birthday girl (and the birthday brothers). Yum.

So lady-like! She loves her little "bike." Super fun and super cute.

Isn't she a pretty little 2-year old?

Jonas' school involved sorting the skittles by color and then his "craft of the day" was helping me decorate Emmy's cake.

Yea! I loved how the cake turned out and was super pleased. I got the idea from here.

Emmy "sang" the birthday song to herself as well as we sang it. It was real sweet.

Isn't that cool?

The Kitchen. I think Emmy likes it - but I know that Miles loves it. :)

There she is with a new hat on, new squeaky shoes (I so love these - as does Emmy), feeding her new Monkey (Tutu, I think will be the name), with some new tea-set cups. Spoiled.

I thought this picture a little goofy looking, but Ben loves it. So I put it here for him.

It was such a fun day. I really love birthdays and the chance it gives to focus some extra attention and love on just one child.

And just in case I didn't show enough pictures, here are 2 videos:

Such a big week in our family. It was a lot of fun. But. I'm tired.


Niederfam said...

So cute. Happy birthday Emmy!!!!! Mitt would LOVE that kitchen too, she will too, if she doesn't already.

Mitt catches the bus at 8:15am, it's a BIT chilly then, like 60, and is only there half day, and I LOVE the play by plays, I HOPE they NEVER stop.

I can't believe our boys are SOOOOO big. ;)

And I LOVE the cake......I know I had a rainbow birthday somewhere in my history too!!!!

SayerFamily said...

Your kids are cute. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back in touch. I'm a loser and don't know how to blog well. I'm all about facebook. Tamara is in town visiting and is giving me hard time that I have not updated me blog since Christmas. How have you been?

erinmalia said...

i want to be there so badly! but the cake turned out perfectly. can you make one for me? i want it.

i love the wrapping on her bike. i love the classic emmy face in the first video.

and i'm sorry she had no presents from aunt-e. :( but the quiet books are done (!) so now i might have some time.

Meg said...

Super Cute!!!! Love the cake and will have to keep it in mind for Jack-o. We will need a bit of color the end of January.

Nicole said...

So fun!! I love the cake!! What a great idea. Looks like she had a great day!

raedene said...

Love, love, love the cake! How cute! You are one busy Mama! You do such a great job!