Sunday, August 02, 2009

AuntE, Uncle Chuck, and Cousin Rhett (Part: Ridgway)

So fun. All 3 of them flew out here and we just had a really great time. Rhett's a definite cutie and except for a couple of times, did an excellent job with napping and sleeping in strange places. He's a sweet little boy and it was fun to see him in person and get to know him a little more.

Of course I have tons of pictures and really don't even know where to begin. But begin somewhere I must. So I will begin with our outing to Ridgway:

Cute Rhett playing in the "little lake" we made for the kids. Rhett loved the water!

Jonas spent all his time in the water playing with his "motor boat." He's holding it in the picture - a log that would dive underwater and then pop up. Awesome.

Miles spent a lot of time out of the water just playing. And getting dirty. Of course.

Emmy loved the water. Aren't girls lucky to have dads?

The playground at Ridgway is pretty great, too. The tire swing is a delight.

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