Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jonas' First Day of Mommy 'n Me School

Oh I love my Jonas boy. He is so completely different than Miles and so it will be fun to be able to work and play with him and understand him a little more.

He just
the notebook I bought for him for "school." He wrote little tiny letters on it all during our school-time. Then after snack. Then before dinner. You get the idea.

He kept telling me, repeatedly and repeatedly,
"This is my notebook. Just mine. Miles does not get it."

So I would say Jonas' "first" day went very well, too.


Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

Miles is ADORABLE in those photos and I can't believe he's in kindergarten! I love that kid to death Emily! He has so much personality and I'm sure the "mister" teacher already loves him! As for Jonas....we are coming over for school. You are such an awesome mom and doing so many educational things. Keep posting them so I can copy some ideas! Love it!

erinmalia said...

so cute! what a funny boy.

Nicole said...

Cute. You are such a good, creative mom!