Monday, August 24, 2009

Miles' First Day

some tid-bits: his teacher is in fact a Mister. the teacher is brand new to teaching. miles' classroom is in a portable class. miles told me 2 names of kids in his class - like i had assigned him to (remember that mom?). there are only 10 (!) kids in his class - one benefit of choosing half-day. he loves his whale backpack and was super excited to show it to Mister James. he got to see the "P.E room." he even got to go to "recess!" but when asked what his favorite part of kindergarten was, his reply:


I would say things went well.
Very well.


erinmalia said...

but what i want to know is, "how did his mom do?!"

oooh, he's so cute! what a fun time for you guys. i hope he continues to like it. does he realize he has to go everyday until Christmas?!

emily said...

i did just splendidly. :) in fact, the only tears i shed were last wednesday. it probably helped that ben was there today and we had 2 kiddos to deal with and such.

ha, we keep telling him he goes M-F and he asks, "why not saturday?" we'll see how long that continues.

Montrose Lewises said...

LOVE him praying :D Adaiah picks random moments to have us pray, pops down on her knees and folds her arms, and we follow her lead (I had to encourage Brian to just go with it, a short little extra prayer here and there never hurt :D ). SO glad he LOVES it!

Nicole said...

Oh good! Glad he loved everything!

Niederfam said...

Yay, success for BOTH of you, Mitt starts tomorrow and I'm already trying to WILL myself not to cry!!!! But he'll love it just like Miles did and he couldn't be more excited. ;)

rebecca said...

Yay! Looks like a great day for Miles! And I have to say I'm super jealous that he can wear flip flops to school! The closed toe shoes rule at my kids' school makes me crazy. And only 10 kids?! That's awesome.

Love that you all walked him to school. So cute!