Monday, August 10, 2009


(sorry but I am lame and so is Google chrome in the fact that i can't move pictures around - this picture should be at the end. this is the end of our day: eating homemade mac 'n cheese with grandma dixie.)

This morning . . . what did we do? The boys both played me at air-hockey - each boy beat me (wink, wink). We walked around the "nature area" here at my parents' subdivision. We saw 2 snakes. Gross. They put up a new playground and so we stopped there on our walk and played there for a bit. Miles was cranky. Jonas was whiney. But it was still pretty fun.

Then we were just at home playing, eating, supposed-to-be-napping-but-not, then for-real napping. After naps we got to go on a Jeep ride given by my parents' good friend. Jonas was real hesistant to go and didn't want to go at first. So Emmy sat in his seat, Miles in the back as well, and me in the front. We went for a pretty long ride (25 minutes?). By the time we got back Jonas wanted to go. So Jonas, Miles, and my dad went for another good ride. Neither boy wanted to get out.


erinmalia said...

oh man, can you imagine the fun they'll have if dad gets a jeep?!

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

That a boys!!! Not wanting to get out the jeep! Love it! How fun! Okay and loved loved loved your swing! Brilliant em!

Niederfam said...

looks like quite the party, and what is it with boys (of ANY age) and JEEP's??? mine can spend HOURS looking at them online.....;)

AND....we didn't make it to Colorado, P did something to his back and it's something BAD. Didn't even touch his bike and made him craZy to miss Ulcer. CONGRATS to Ben, I heard the wind was KILLER.