Sunday, August 02, 2009

Part: Addie S Cabin

On Wednesday we (AuntE, Uncle Chuck, Rhett, me, Miles, Jonas, and Emmy) drove to our rental cabin in Silverton. After a crazy 45-minute detour on scary-t0-me 4-wheel-type roads, we found the cabin - right off the main road, about 1 minute away from our detour road. Ha now, not at the time.

Anyways, my parents drove down too and waited for Ben to get off work and then they all drove the rest of the way to Silverton. It was so nice to get away to the beautiful mountains. And cold mountains. We had a lot of rain and thunderstorms and it definitely cooled down the area. It was super nice. When we weren't out frolicking, we were at the cabin eating, sleeping, napping, playing. The adults got to enjoy child-free evenings (they were all sleeping upstairs) and played lots of fun board games.

We made some yummy "bird's nest" treats - we found the recipe while reading a magazine to the kids at the cabin.

The setting of the Addie S. High atop the mountains at 11,000 feet elevation.

A lot of time was spent playing on the deck and with the wood piles. Many trucks were being driven over the "bumpy roads" and "bridges. Later dinosaurs came to play and hide in the wood pile.

Snack time with the cuties.

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erinmalia said...

safe to say it was scary to me too!