Sunday, August 02, 2009

Part: Hiking in Silverton

We went on a few hikes and had a great time. Our first hike was simply beautiful and full of amazing wild-flowers covering the moutain side. The kids loved it as well as the adults. We also saw 2 deer. We can't wait until we can do some "serious" backpacking someday with our kids.
We hiked to an old-mine on the first hike. The kids were always looking at the car window saying, "I see a mine!" It was neat to get up-close to one.

Sorry but my mom's camera has over-exposure problems (and we had run out of batteries), but the flowers were so beautiful! So are the children.

Grandpa Moses (G) and Jonas.

Me and Emmy. A hiking we will go.

Miles always had to be right with Grandma holding her hands whenever we were hiking. It was pretty sweet.

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