Sunday, August 02, 2009

Part: Town of Silverton

We had fun just hanging out in town, too:

We got to see the Silverton-Durango train come in to town. Impressive!

So neat.

We walked the shops, too. The kids got a dollar from grandpa and so we choose for Emmy a treat - a candy bracelet. Perfect for her. The boys got the same thing: a lot of 12 tiny sqiushy dinosaurs. They love them.

We went to the "shoot-out" in town as well. The BANGS were really loud (hence the CAPS). Miles went up to become a "deputy." Jonas didn't like it and kept saying that shooting is bad. Miles thought it was pretty neat, I think. I took Emmy in to a store towards the end - for her sake and mine. Again, it was LOUD.

Fun town.

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