Sunday, August 09, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

So we are here visiting my folks and I thought it would be good if I could post my new posts along the way, rather than at the end of my trip. So I'll start with Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we went to Thanksgiving Point and visited the Children's Discovery Garden and it was super fun:

I carted the kids around in this super-duper wagon. Love this picture!

Making music.

Jamming out.

Checking out the lily pond and fish.

I so love this lighthouse - I want one at my house! Totally cute.

Miles climbing up the ladder to the top of the lighthouse. Doesn't he look so old?

The hedge maze - very cool. The kids really liked it. I did once I realized that I couldn't get lost (the dead-ends were very obvious, he.)

The boys and Emmy played and played while waiting for Ben. Wrestling was the sport of choice. But here the boys were playing dead.

The reason we came in the first place: Ben was riding the ULCER. A 111-mile ride. The weather was his friend as well as his foe. Friend: high of 72 that day. Foe: strong head-wind for the last 1/2 of his ride. So he ended up taking much longer and averaging a much lower than desired speed. But good gravy riding against the wind stinks.

But look how good he looks after all that riding. He actually felt really good, he said. Just a little bummed, I think.

Sunday morning - oh what a morning! I rummaged thru my mom's "dress up" box and came up with all sorts of goodies. Too funny.

Introducing. . . Jonae.

Silly girls. I mean boys.


erinmalia said...

what cute girls you have! i didn't know you had three daughters. they're all lovely.

Nicole said...

I wish when we went to thanksgiving point this week that it was the same nice weather you had! We were dying of heat! But it is a really cute park!

aubrey said...

Oh my gosh, we were just at the Discovery Park a week ago (Aug. 1st)!! Oh I'm so sad we didn't meet up with you guys or something. But when you've got your family to see I know it's hard to fit anyone else in. I loved that Park!! I'm gonna post a little video clip of our family putting on a musical at that little xylophone station.

aubrey said...

P.S. Way to go Ben!!