Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today we really just hung-out close to home and that was nice. We had some neighbors come over and "play," but really the kids all just played by themselves. Funny kids. We got to go to Taco Bell per Miles' pleads and requests. After nap I took the kids to a park and we had fun on the swings and playing "castle." Very entertaining.

The deck is always a nice place to be - until it starts raining and turns a little cool. We were ready to eat dinner out there tonite when that happened - the temperature plummeted to 70 and the rain came. But we still like the deck.

Then after dinner I made some homemade waffle cones on my mother's 20 years + waffle cone maker. Sweet. It was delicious and super fun. Miles wanted me to take home the maker. I told him no and that it will be a fun tradition to do at Grandma's house. Fun indeed. And messy. Whoa was it messy.

Tomorrow we head home. Miles keeps talking about how it likes it here in "Grandpa's town," and that he wants to stay. Jonas wants to live here, too.

And while I absolutely love it here and absolutely love, love the beauty of this area, and while my parents live here, it is not my home. My home is where I have a pink room with a crib in it, a blue and red room with tiny boy beds in it, and a bed that I get to share every night with my husband.

So I'll indeed miss my folks; miss the exciting adventures we did while here, miss my parents' lovely home; and miss this beautiful "Grandpa's town." But I'm also glad to be going back


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erinmalia said...

i want a waffle cone! we're totally doing that at thanksgiving.