Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We started the day by heading out to Cascade Springs. It's a really beautiful area and a great hiking place for young kids.

Emmy threw about 10 tantrums while there. I might be underestimating the exact number. She didn't like me holding her hand. Oh well. Life is tough.

Hiking on the path.

Checking out the pretty stream.

Pretty area indeed.

Then that afternoon we took a train-ride and it was really great. We stayed in the open car for most of the trip and it was just fun.

Miles loved it all, of course, but I think his favorite part (seriously) was the grasshopper hanging on the train. It was cool, though. The little guy (picture below) stayed on for over an hour of the train ride.

There we were. Everyone, including my dad, really, really enjoyed it.

The grasshopper. How cool is he?

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erinmalia said...

that grasshopper is pretty dang cool. but still, i'm doubtful that would have been my highlight.