Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So today was a full day - we left the house at 9, got back close to 5, headed out about 15 minutes later to eat, and finally got home and stayed home around 6:15. That's long for me and my kids. I didn't take super many pictures at all because frankly I was too lazy and hot (I hate summer. Really, I do.). But we went to the Zoo - all of us; minus Ben of course who is home. My mom took the day off and so that was fun.

The Zoo was cool, but hot (ha). We saw all the things you are suppose to see at the zoo. We got to see the really great bird-show, too. I hate birds, by the way. Especially close birds. And these birds flew over our heads so close that once my dad felt one touch his head (He hates birds, too. Especially close ones.) But even for a bird-hater, it was really neat. Why did I go if I hate birds? Miles. Miles loves birds for some reason I can't explain at all. He loved it. There was a talking parrot, dozen of beautiful white birds, owls, hawks, and even The Eagle. Oh, I just remembered my mom took a picture of us with the eagle. I'll go down-load it now. And here we are waiting for the show to start:

Emmy, once again, threw about a dozen tantrums. That girl. But it was still a fun time at the zoo.

Afterwards Miles couldn't stop asking for water. He drank about a gallon from the Lion Water Fountain at the Zoo. Then after the Zoo we drove to the Temple and walked around there. At the visitor's center Miles again drank a gallon. Then he wanted more. But we walked around the temple, and I endured more tantrums from Emmy - especially when I decided to hold Jonas for a while and not her. Oh fun. We didn't spend a super amount of time there as I was hot and tired, and I think the kids were, too.

But I did find some sugar-free Wild Strawberry slurpees on the way home. That was delicious and fun. Sugar-free was necessary as I was not about to give tired, all ready cranky, and dehydrated kids (and mom, too - me mom, not my mom mom) sugar.

Then we made it back to my parents. Played around for 15 minutes and then hopped back in the car and drove 5 minutes into town to a cute pizza place. My dad, however, would not call this pizza. I don't know what he would call. "Weird, healthy garbage," is what I would expect him to call it. But he was such a great sport and decided to go again (he went once and hated what he got). I loved it. It's an adorable little eatery. We ate outside. Luckily they offer a few more things than pizza and my dad actually loved his spaghetti and (huge) meatballs. Sweet. Miles ate tons. Jonas hardly ate - though he did do a good job with his salad ("I don't like salad!" he said before it came.). Emmy did great - for Emmy, mind you. I loved my gorgonzola, roasted pine nuts, caramelized onion, and other-stuff-that-I-didn't-know-what-they-were Pizza.

Afterwards, the kids did some performances on the outside gazebo. As I tried to hush them a bit, the older gentleman sitting alone (who had previously clapped for my children), told me, "Mom, don't worry," in a kindly way.

And to end the day, Emmy again threw a nice fit as I pulled her off the "stage."


erinmalia said...

that picture of mom and dad with your kids is just classic. every one of your kids has "their" face on, you know? it's just their typical face that i think about when i think of them!

sounds like a fun day, but i'm sure you're glad it's over.

emily said...

you're right - it is their classic pose!

Nicole said...

Fun! I'm sure your parents are loving having you guys around!

i {heart} hawkes said...

NO WAY! we were at the zoo on tuesday...sorry to have missed you and your folks. i have to catch up on my blogging and will post my own zoo pics, all 300 of them.