Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a bunch of unrelated items

So life has gotten crazy lately. Crazy busy. I am usually gone 3 nights of the week: one night working, one night at cub scouts, and one night at a primary meeting. Ben has EQ visits once a week, too. Then there are the normal routine stuff like school for Miles, preschool for Jonas, mommy 'n me school with Jonas, b-day parties, ward parties, baby showers (oh man are there tons of babies being born in this town!), work, soccer, appointments, outings, errands, etc., etc. I kind of like it and I kind of hate it. I hate that as soon as our activities have picked up I have had a cold. Not horrible, mind you. But definitely enough to make me sleep very poorly and just feel not quite up to it during the day. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Yes, starting my 12-hour once-a-week night-shift hasn't helped this feeling. Did I mention I got a job? Once a week - Sunday nights? Well if not, I did. And it is such a great, great, great blessing. But one I wish I didn't need. But since we do need it, I guess it is wonderful. Wonderful in the I-hate-it type of way. Make sense?

Today, after we had dropped Miles off at school (he gets to walk home 1/2 way by himself today - we'll see how that goes!), Emmy and Jonas were playing delightfully in the backyard. There was lots of giggling going on. So I decided to get dinner going. Then I made myself some lunch and sat down to eat in front of the computer so I could check my emails. I had not heard them for awhile and so I got a little nervous. I started heading out back and I still could not hear them. I opened the back door and couldn't see them either. I rounded the corner and checked the sand-box and nope not there. Then I spotted them hiding in the playground thing. My heart was beating fast. It is so unlikely that my children would be gone or taken, but dang I get so nervous. This usually happens once a week. I panic in my mind. Then all is well. I'm such a mom.

And, indeed, the tooth fairy came. It was so fun. Look at my cute toothless boy. :) Don't you love his morning hair?

And this is what he bought with some allowance money and tooth fairy money:
A dragonfly. It makes a buzzzzing sound, too. It's pretty neat. But not as neat as my boy. How do you like the house we built for her - the dragonfly is a girl. Lilac is her name, if I remember correctly.

And I think the tooth fairy will be making another visit within the next week. . .

Okay, well I gotta go and meet Miles 1/2 way. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Tooth Fairy. . .

is coming to our house tonite. I'm so excited.

We went to school today to pick up Miles and he showed me his loose tooth. This tooth was not at all loose yesterday - how else could he have eaten his entire apple? Also, there was no mention of it this morning either. But when I picked him up that tooth was loose. And I was all giddy about it. I don't know why, but it's just fun.

Miles didn't want to pull it out and insisted that I had to do it. But he didn't want it done yet. So I put him down for his "resting" time (short day on Wed = resting time after school). Of course he didn't sleep at all (as opposed to last week when he was out in 32 seconds flat). But I did take that time to whip up a little "tooth fairy" pillow. It's nothing too creative or nice, but Miles loved it.

Today is also the only day of the week they get to watch TV - a whopping 30 minutes. So he wanted me to wait until after the show. He told me he couldn't eat snack until after as well. So. . . after the show we got ready. I didn't really want to do it; I didn't know how ready it was either. But I did it and it hardly even took a tug on my part. Miles said, "ew." And that was that.

Timing really couldn't have been better for the kiddo. Miles and Jonas now get an allowance. Well Miles really wants this "dragonfly" toy that he saw with Ben on Monday, but he's about 1 dollar short of the $3.50 he needs. He's been trying to come up with ways all week to earn a little extra so he can buy it. He went on a "money hunt" this morning and found about 50 cents. He tried to convince Jonas to give him his money, etc. So I think Miles will LOVE the tooth fairy for the rest of his life.

Here's the cute and very excited boy - before the tooth is pulled.

And he's still just as excited and even cuter. :)

The "tooth pillow" or whatever you want to call it. And the still-smiling Miles.

And this is just so sweet. So Miles told me this evening he wanted to give a toy to Santa and so he was going to pick out something and have the Tooth Fairy take it to him. Okay. So he wrote this note, which says: "Take Tew [to] Santu [Santa] Klos (Clause)" with the appropriate arrow. Ha. What a sweetie.

What an exciting morning it will be. . .

Soccer Kid

We had originally signed up Miles for soccer, and Jonas for a 3-day (once-a-week) soccer clinic. When we actually got around to asking Miles if he even wanted to do soccer, he said "no." Totally what we expected so no big deal. So we unsigned Miles up. But kept Jonas in. Anyways, it's the grandest of times going to watch these adorable 3 and 4 year-olds "play" soccer. It's a highlight of my week. The Highlight, perhaps?

Yesterday was Jonas' 2nd time - and he didn't want to go. But I told him we were driving to the fields and he could just stay in the car. So we got there and he told me he was going to stay in the car and sing some songs. Whatever kid. Then I told him that he would have to pay me back (I know, I'm a really cool mom). He wasn't too happy about that, but still wasn't budging. So Emmy and Miles and I got out, played on the nearby rocks and walked around the field. And then I heard, "MOMMY!" I went to the car, Jonas wanted to go play, and the rest is history I guess. Here are some pics:

In 90% of the pictures I took, Jonas' tongue was sticking out. Pretty cool.

Ha, love that little Jonas!

There he goes again - kicking the ball with his tongue hanging out.

Emmy has a pretty grand time just running around and being silly.

Miles spends the whole hour on the baseball diamond. Doing exactly what, I'm not sure. But he does it well. :)

There's my star soccer kid.

This was probably the cutest moment of the day. Emmy had left me to go by Jonas. I then heard this conversation:

Jonas: "Emmy, you need to go back to Mommy."
Emmy: shakes her head "no."
Jonas: "Do you want to stay here with me?"
Emmy: nods her head emphatically "yes!"
Jonas: "Okay, sit down here with me."

Then he put his arm around her and I melted away.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mokey See, Monkey Do

When I got back from my Saturday morning run, the boys wanted to run too. Miles said as soon as they finished eating breakfast they were going to run around the block. Jonas said he was going to run
"way far."
"How many miles Jonas," I asked.
"5 minutes,"
was the reply. Here's our Saturday morning adventure:

Friday, September 18, 2009


We've been very busy this week, hence not many fun blogs or posting. But I finally got around to hanging up some adorable ABC cards Ben and I bought forever ago. We couldn't decide how to hang them, where, etc. Finally I tried some new blue sticky stuff (I had tried the yellow sticky stuff months and months ago and it didn't work) and put them all up today. Yea! I love them.
So check out the pictures and see if you can tell me what "N" stand for - beside notebook. A dinosaur that begins with a "N"? I don't know. Help.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quote of the Week and Convo with Jonas (not in that order)

So I had to go to orientation this past week (hospital orientation, as opposed to clinical o.) - Monday (for 10 hours - blech) and Tuesday for about 8. Ben always has Mondays off and then was able to get Tuesday off for this week and so he got to be Mr. Mom for a whole 2 days. He did brilliantly, of course. But I told him that part of his duties were to "blog." He didn't. Oh well. But he shared with me this story and so I guess he contributed.

Background: Ben showed Jonas, on youtube yesterday, some weird band playing some type of classical music, I think. One man was playing the flute. Some serious flute playing, though. Never seen anything like it (Ben showed me tonight.) So tonite Ben has this conversation with Jonas:

Ben: Jonas, what do you want to do when you are big?

Jonas: "I want to play music."

Ben: Do you want to play the guitar, piano, or flute. . ."

Jonas: "Yeah, FLUTE!"

He probably does. Jonas loves music. You turn it on and he is glued into listening. It is sweet. But weird to me as music does not have that appeal - for the most part. But I love it in Jonas. I think we are going to buy him a simple flute/recorder for his birthday and have his dad give him lessons. . .

Hot cross buns. Hot cross buns. One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns.

Can't wait. . .

Quote of the week:

Jonas: "Yuck, this tastes like water!"

This was said after Ben poured him some of our 1% milk (the kids drink 2%). After he said this Ben said, "Ha, go tell your mom what you just said!" Ben 100% agrees with Jonas.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Favorite Family Fotos

cool alliteration, no?

so we are extremely lucky to have Jim (ben's dad) take our photos for us every year. they always turn out great and we love them! we have to choose from 199 pictures, though, and that is a daunting task. but one i definitely welcome.

so here are a few (okay, more than a few - more like a ton. but, please, i had 199 to choose from and so i think posting 17 - yes 17 - is not that bad) that i love, love, love.





and there are a ton more that i love, too. thanks to Grandpa Max and your lovely assistant, Grandma Diana.

(p.s. i never show our family shots since i use one of them for our christmas cards. so you'll see the whole family in a few months.)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Firsts

Well on Tuesday Jonas had his first day of "home" pre-school. (He and I will still do mommy 'n me school together.) There are 5 of us moms, with 5 sweet boys, and so we will take turns at each home. Jonas was pretty excited to being going to school - a little nervous, too. Oh I love that kid. And supposedly it was a very good day and the kids all did well. And looking at all the things they did, it looked like a lot of fun.

All ready.

And going.

Another first: allowance. Wow. We started chores last week and then moved on to allowances this week - not tied to chores, though. Miles has been talking about his allowance for days and days - all because he wanted to buy some dinosaur set from Target. See, a couple of weeks ago we were all at Target. At the strategically-placed dollar-stop at Target, Miles found this dinosaur set. I was not going to buy it for him and told him when he started getting his allowance he could buy it. The rest of the 45 minutes in Target and on the drive home Miles screamed and cried. It was not pretty. It was my turn, finally, to have a bratty kid crying because he did not get what he wanted. Only now I realize something: I don't think he was necessarily crying because he did not get it right then. See, he hid the little toy set in the racks so other people would not find it and so it would not be gone by the time he got to go and get it. In hindsight, I think I could have diffused that whole situation if I would have said, "I'll get it now and when you get your allowance you can pay me for it." Duh, as my mom would say. But I did go back the next night and pick it up (plus another for Jonas). Anyways, I think that is why he was throwing such a fit. No, tantrums are not super-uncommon for Miles. But he's never done one for that long, nor in a store for that long. Looking back I think he was just super-scared it would not be there by the time he could go and buy it.

Long story. Sorry. Anyways, they got allowance and after 10% to tithes and 10% to savings, both boys purchased their dinosaur sets. Cute.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Quote of the Week

It's been a long time, but here it is. . .

Background: Last week, or the week before(?), Miles came home and told me nonchalantly that someone at recess told him he was ugly. I told him the kid was not very nice to say that and that we don't talk like that and that that is very, very, very untrue, etc. When I asked what Miles did he replied, "I walked away." Good boy!

Today we were talking about it again because he told me he had said "hi" to the boy who had called him ugly and that the boy had said "hi" back. Then Miles said,

"He must have called me ugly because he could not see I was a handsome boy."

So. Very. True.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Miles asked me why he had no school yesterday. I told him a holiday called Labor Day. But I couldn't tell him anymore than what it is called. I don't quite understand why it's a holiday. But I'm not complaining.

So we had a fabulous weekend up with Ben's parents. We got there Friday evening, Ben and I went to the temple Saturday morning, then all of us went to the Nature and Science Museum that afternoon, then out to dinner at yummy yummy Sweet Tomatoes. Sunday was spent walking the highline canal (oh the kids were cute!), driving around downtown Littleton to find spots for family pictures, then church, and dinner celebrating Diana's birthday - her brother and mother and uncle all came too. Such a nice family she has! She fits in well. :)

Monday we did some family photos taken by my father-in-law Jim. I LOVE them! I'll show some later. Then we went to their ward's annual Labor Day BBQ picnic. That was fun, hot, and exhausting all in one. Then we drove home and almost made it cry-free. Not bad at all.

Fun on the stairs.

The kids love these wolf-statues A LOT. They'd probably be content if that was the only part of the museum.

We are all lucky to have Grandma Diana!

Very cool.

Ohhhhh, the dinosaurs! Miles is really into them right now.

The train - and its conductors - at the park.

Riding the yee-haw as Emmy calls it.

Hopefully we'll be back. . . sooner than later.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


So my sister is brilliant and had a brilliant idea: to make a quiet book with a group gals. So she asked for people to "sign" up. She got a total of 10 of us and then each of us had to make the same quiet book page (we were assigned "themes") 10 times. Then we mailed them off to my sis, she bounded them beautifully, and then she sent us back the amazing, beautiful, and creative finished book.

Check it out here. Click on her photos to see how truly lovely they are.

Man my kids are lucky!