Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a bunch of unrelated items

So life has gotten crazy lately. Crazy busy. I am usually gone 3 nights of the week: one night working, one night at cub scouts, and one night at a primary meeting. Ben has EQ visits once a week, too. Then there are the normal routine stuff like school for Miles, preschool for Jonas, mommy 'n me school with Jonas, b-day parties, ward parties, baby showers (oh man are there tons of babies being born in this town!), work, soccer, appointments, outings, errands, etc., etc. I kind of like it and I kind of hate it. I hate that as soon as our activities have picked up I have had a cold. Not horrible, mind you. But definitely enough to make me sleep very poorly and just feel not quite up to it during the day. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Yes, starting my 12-hour once-a-week night-shift hasn't helped this feeling. Did I mention I got a job? Once a week - Sunday nights? Well if not, I did. And it is such a great, great, great blessing. But one I wish I didn't need. But since we do need it, I guess it is wonderful. Wonderful in the I-hate-it type of way. Make sense?

Today, after we had dropped Miles off at school (he gets to walk home 1/2 way by himself today - we'll see how that goes!), Emmy and Jonas were playing delightfully in the backyard. There was lots of giggling going on. So I decided to get dinner going. Then I made myself some lunch and sat down to eat in front of the computer so I could check my emails. I had not heard them for awhile and so I got a little nervous. I started heading out back and I still could not hear them. I opened the back door and couldn't see them either. I rounded the corner and checked the sand-box and nope not there. Then I spotted them hiding in the playground thing. My heart was beating fast. It is so unlikely that my children would be gone or taken, but dang I get so nervous. This usually happens once a week. I panic in my mind. Then all is well. I'm such a mom.

And, indeed, the tooth fairy came. It was so fun. Look at my cute toothless boy. :) Don't you love his morning hair?

And this is what he bought with some allowance money and tooth fairy money:
A dragonfly. It makes a buzzzzing sound, too. It's pretty neat. But not as neat as my boy. How do you like the house we built for her - the dragonfly is a girl. Lilac is her name, if I remember correctly.

And I think the tooth fairy will be making another visit within the next week. . .

Okay, well I gotta go and meet Miles 1/2 way. :)


Nicole said...

Congrats on the job! And I'm sorry you've been sick. Those colds can be so nasty! Glad the tooth fairy came :)

Niederfam said...

OH I'm sorry and I so UNDERSTAND about the "wonderful in the I hate it kind of way" blessings. HANG IN THERE. I know you will. ;)