Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mokey See, Monkey Do

When I got back from my Saturday morning run, the boys wanted to run too. Miles said as soon as they finished eating breakfast they were going to run around the block. Jonas said he was going to run
"way far."
"How many miles Jonas," I asked.
"5 minutes,"
was the reply. Here's our Saturday morning adventure:


erinmalia said...

you need to move to MD right now. i mean it. i totally want you as my mom. or at least, my kid's auntie-em who lives NEXT DOOR.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow that was way too cute!! Your kids look like they get along really well...true? We should run a race together some day...I keep dreaming about it.

Mindy said...

They look so cute. Is that socks on their hands? How fun!