Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Firsts

Well on Tuesday Jonas had his first day of "home" pre-school. (He and I will still do mommy 'n me school together.) There are 5 of us moms, with 5 sweet boys, and so we will take turns at each home. Jonas was pretty excited to being going to school - a little nervous, too. Oh I love that kid. And supposedly it was a very good day and the kids all did well. And looking at all the things they did, it looked like a lot of fun.

All ready.

And going.

Another first: allowance. Wow. We started chores last week and then moved on to allowances this week - not tied to chores, though. Miles has been talking about his allowance for days and days - all because he wanted to buy some dinosaur set from Target. See, a couple of weeks ago we were all at Target. At the strategically-placed dollar-stop at Target, Miles found this dinosaur set. I was not going to buy it for him and told him when he started getting his allowance he could buy it. The rest of the 45 minutes in Target and on the drive home Miles screamed and cried. It was not pretty. It was my turn, finally, to have a bratty kid crying because he did not get what he wanted. Only now I realize something: I don't think he was necessarily crying because he did not get it right then. See, he hid the little toy set in the racks so other people would not find it and so it would not be gone by the time he got to go and get it. In hindsight, I think I could have diffused that whole situation if I would have said, "I'll get it now and when you get your allowance you can pay me for it." Duh, as my mom would say. But I did go back the next night and pick it up (plus another for Jonas). Anyways, I think that is why he was throwing such a fit. No, tantrums are not super-uncommon for Miles. But he's never done one for that long, nor in a store for that long. Looking back I think he was just super-scared it would not be there by the time he could go and buy it.

Long story. Sorry. Anyways, they got allowance and after 10% to tithes and 10% to savings, both boys purchased their dinosaur sets. Cute.

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erinmalia said...

what a great story. allowance is awesome! just in time for christmas and mom to get the grandkids little piggy banks.