Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quote of the Week and Convo with Jonas (not in that order)

So I had to go to orientation this past week (hospital orientation, as opposed to clinical o.) - Monday (for 10 hours - blech) and Tuesday for about 8. Ben always has Mondays off and then was able to get Tuesday off for this week and so he got to be Mr. Mom for a whole 2 days. He did brilliantly, of course. But I told him that part of his duties were to "blog." He didn't. Oh well. But he shared with me this story and so I guess he contributed.

Background: Ben showed Jonas, on youtube yesterday, some weird band playing some type of classical music, I think. One man was playing the flute. Some serious flute playing, though. Never seen anything like it (Ben showed me tonight.) So tonite Ben has this conversation with Jonas:

Ben: Jonas, what do you want to do when you are big?

Jonas: "I want to play music."

Ben: Do you want to play the guitar, piano, or flute. . ."

Jonas: "Yeah, FLUTE!"

He probably does. Jonas loves music. You turn it on and he is glued into listening. It is sweet. But weird to me as music does not have that appeal - for the most part. But I love it in Jonas. I think we are going to buy him a simple flute/recorder for his birthday and have his dad give him lessons. . .

Hot cross buns. Hot cross buns. One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns.

Can't wait. . .

Quote of the week:

Jonas: "Yuck, this tastes like water!"

This was said after Ben poured him some of our 1% milk (the kids drink 2%). After he said this Ben said, "Ha, go tell your mom what you just said!" Ben 100% agrees with Jonas.


erinmalia said...

oooh, i didn't know that about little jonas! maybe you should get him a recorder. they're cool.

Niederfam said...

P would TOTALLY agree too, I swear it's a "placebo" effect, but WHATEVER, I buy 2% too, they'd LOVE it to be WHOLE!!!!

Anyway, P MIGHT like the boots, but probably would HATE the price.....he he he ;) AND I know you are right, NEVER say NEVER........but how bout "unliklely" J/K I can't in GOOD conscience say that either, although at this point, I'd REALLY like too!!!

I am enjoying being a 2 parent household again, THANKS and ENJOY your weekend too!!!!