Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Soccer Kid

We had originally signed up Miles for soccer, and Jonas for a 3-day (once-a-week) soccer clinic. When we actually got around to asking Miles if he even wanted to do soccer, he said "no." Totally what we expected so no big deal. So we unsigned Miles up. But kept Jonas in. Anyways, it's the grandest of times going to watch these adorable 3 and 4 year-olds "play" soccer. It's a highlight of my week. The Highlight, perhaps?

Yesterday was Jonas' 2nd time - and he didn't want to go. But I told him we were driving to the fields and he could just stay in the car. So we got there and he told me he was going to stay in the car and sing some songs. Whatever kid. Then I told him that he would have to pay me back (I know, I'm a really cool mom). He wasn't too happy about that, but still wasn't budging. So Emmy and Miles and I got out, played on the nearby rocks and walked around the field. And then I heard, "MOMMY!" I went to the car, Jonas wanted to go play, and the rest is history I guess. Here are some pics:

In 90% of the pictures I took, Jonas' tongue was sticking out. Pretty cool.

Ha, love that little Jonas!

There he goes again - kicking the ball with his tongue hanging out.

Emmy has a pretty grand time just running around and being silly.

Miles spends the whole hour on the baseball diamond. Doing exactly what, I'm not sure. But he does it well. :)

There's my star soccer kid.

This was probably the cutest moment of the day. Emmy had left me to go by Jonas. I then heard this conversation:

Jonas: "Emmy, you need to go back to Mommy."
Emmy: shakes her head "no."
Jonas: "Do you want to stay here with me?"
Emmy: nods her head emphatically "yes!"
Jonas: "Okay, sit down here with me."

Then he put his arm around her and I melted away.


erinmalia said...

i love those kids! is miles taking any lessons? does jonas actually learn anything in soccer?

Nicole said...

So funny. And sweet moment :)

rebecca said...