Monday, October 26, 2009

Econ 101

So we started paying the boys some allowance. It has turned Miles into a maniac. Whenever we are at the store he wants to know how much this is, that is, how much does he have ("nothing, you spent it all," is the frequent reply), what can he sell to get enough money, etc., etc. ETC.!

Wow. But it's a good thing (sometimes) and he is learning about savings and tithing, I guess. Jonas just likes to play with his money and lose it, really. But Jonas does enjoy going to Target and picking out that wonderful dollar-toy.

So we had a "garage sale" a while ago and sold a train table. Miles really, really wanted to buy a swan (yes, a swan) and didn't have enough from just allowance. So we thought of something we could sell and put it out with a sign. Lo and behold while Miles was at school, a man came by and bought the train table! That just fed the frenzy.

Every day Miles is trying to figure out something he can sell - usually they are household items, never are they his toys. He even told our good friend that if she has anything she doesn't want anymore that she should just give it to him and he will sell it. And I don't think he was planning on giving her the money. :)

He sometimes draws things and wants to sell them. He did try to sell this one day:

(the top is the picture he created. the pipe cleaners were roads and he drew a front-end loader and buggy cars. a house, too, of course. the bottom sign basically says: "1 dollars. far [for] sel [sale].)"

One day I told Miles that you have to sell something that people want and at a price they will pay.

"Like what?" he asked.

"Rice Krispies [duh]" was my reply.

So every day for the past couple of weeks Miles has been begging me to help him make them and sell them. I've turned him down again and again. . . until today. We made some, dyed them orange, and had them ready for him to sell when he got home from school today.

I had some errands I had to do, but Ben was out there with him while he sold his Rice Krispies.

And you know what?

He (and Jonas - a little bit) made about $4.50 total.

Not bad when you had 12 rice krispies to sell and were only selling them for $0.25. . .


erinmalia said...

ya know, if you put those orange rice krispies on etsy, i'd totally buy them. :)

and holy moly, miles is hysterical. that's amazing how many you sold.

courtney said...

not bad! maybe i'll start selling rice krispies to the neighborhood kids. :)

i {heart} hawkes said...

that miles is one smart kid. his business wheels are turning for sure. i'd buy them as well, if i could.