Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let the Wild Rumpus Start

I went and took the boys to Where the Wild Things Are on Saturday. I was a little afraid that my children would be A LOT afraid. They don't watch many movies and so are very sensitive to movies. But, turns out, they did okay. I had Jonas sit on my lap the whole time and Miles chomped away at the popcorn the entire time. It worked out well. Miles had a thousand questions during the movie; I think it's sweet. I think the scariest part for them was the preview for Scrooge, a new movie coming out this holiday season. They are funny. But all in all, I think the movie was way beyond them. The were entertained for sure, but didn't get the deeper meaning of the film. So it was a good movie, but not one for little kids - not because it's too scary, just because it's more "mature" so to say.

Then I got called off of work on Sunday. It was very welcomed. I have worked the past 5 weeks (Sunday nites only, mind you) and it was oh-so-nice to have a Sunday evening and a normal Monday with everyone home (and awake). I loved it.

I've also gotten a bad case of super-paranoia. If there is some medication to help, please let me know! Aiyiyi. These dang kids. I love them so much that literally it hurts, or at least makes me want to bawl and puke. Seriously. I'm not one to freak out usually, so I don't know why this season I am. But I am. So lame and annoying. I was quite convinced that not only would my kids get the H1N1 flu, but that they would surely die from it. I'm pretty much over that one, now. But Miles threw me for a loop last nite. They had been in bed for a little while and Ben and I were getting ourselves ready for bed and so went in to the kiddo's rooms to check on them, cover them up, straighten them out, and kiss them. Well while we were in there we noticed Miles doing some severe twitching - I'm freaking out that he's having a seizure. We had a somewhat difficult time getting him to awake properly and when we took him to the bathroom for him to go, he just didn't get it and walked back to his bed and went to sleep. Oh because I love him so I get scared so. We watched him for a while, saw a few more twitches, then called it okay. We even set our alarm for 2 hours later to check on him - which Ben did (Ben's great, by the way). Miles has a cold, which has seemed very minor but might be tiring him nonetheless, and was up a little later than usual last nite and so hopefully it was just all due to exhaustion. I will be checking up on him and his sleep in an hour or so. I'm sure all will be well.

Why oh why do mothers get these irrational fears for our children? (Well, hopefully irrational - see, there I go.) It's crazy and literally sickening. And I've really never been like this. But, up until 5 1/2 years ago, I'd never had children. That I adore. That I live for. Really. Oh gag, I gotta stop or I am going to start crying. Again. (And, no, I am not pregnant.)

For other news, we had our first fire at our house. A fire in the fireplace, that is. It hasn't been super cold here the past few weeks, but we thought it would be fun. It was. The kids even had to eat breakfast right by it:

Here they all are doing their part to keep the fire alive.

And I love this picture because 1. Jonas took it, and 2. It shows off my lovely PJs - they are not shorts, they just have 2 large knee-holes. Ha. I love them.

Well, sorry, I didn't mean for this to be such a long and random post. But it is.


La Ron said...

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner about the movie. My grandma passed away and my sister had a baby this weekend. I would have told you the same thing. My kids liked it but they thought it was VERY SAD. They were both bawling at the end.

erinmalia said...

funny about the movie. gross about your pajamas. i just hope your kids don't develop a complex about them!

courtney said...

glad i'm not the only super-paranoid one! i'm mostly a reasonable person. just totally irrational when it comes to the health of my children. :)