Thursday, October 22, 2009

Making the Grade

I had my first parent-teacher conference yesterday and it was pretty fun. I thought I would report his teachers' comments:

Mr. Hilton, Miles' PE teacher:
"Needs work on listening and not interrupting."

Mr. James, Miles' teacher:
"Miles is a thrilling personality to have in the classroom - he has much energy and enthusiasm, which make it difficult sometimes to curb said energy into productivity. His outgoing traits enable him to make friends easily and can distract him from learning and following directions. Miles is also very intelligent and, as a proactive measure to keep him from boredom, some whole-group activities are differentiated to allow him sharing and/or helping opportunities that other students rarely, if ever, receive at this point in the school year. His fine motor skills are strong and he often is meticulous about completing seatwork activities."

Wow, those teachers hit it on the nail! He got numbers for the rest of his "report card." I won't go through them all, but he did receive "4's" (exceeds standards) on "critical thinking skills," "number sense," and "drawing." He got "2's" (progressing toward standard) only on behavior issues: "respects self and others," "follow directions," "uses time wisely," and "complete classroom work on time." The last one is because sometimes he is too meticulous and spends forever. Everything else were "3's" (meets standards). So we've got a lot to still work on, but it's fun!

Good job, Miles.


erinmalia said...

how cute is he?! and how appropriate that my "word verification" is HYPER! ha. wow. parent teacher conference. you're old!

rebecca said...

It's always nice to know the kids are consistant. Your Miles sounds a lot like my Larkin. (Exhausting?)