Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Odd 'n End

Remember our grape fort? Well it produced grapes. And lots of them. We had another spot in our yard as well covered in vines. One spot made big grapes. The other spot made little grapes. And they had a slightly different taste. Well at first they were both bitter. But as we left them for a week or two, they suddenly became delicious. Ben did a great job as hunter and gatherer. :) However with all of his hunting and gathering, we netted about 6 quart jars of juice.

Those grapes probably ended up making 1 jar or so. Kind of fun, though?

This is how Ben found Jonas coloring the other day. Cute.

Title: The "Odd" refers to Jonas. In a most loving way. The "End" refers to our grapes. The freezing cold has zapped them. Goodbye.


Mindy said...

I totally love homemade grape juice! I'm jealous! Too bad Russ' parents moved and no more grape juice. Maybe I'll have to plant my own.

erinmalia said...

how did jonas get like that?!